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Lower back pain below rib when lying down?

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could be chronic arthritis, spinal istnosis, herniated disc, or muscle strains. Spinal istnosis is when something wrongs with the spine and herniated disc is bulging of lumbar disc. hope i helped!
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Will lying on a heating pad ease your lower back pain?

Typically a heating pad will help to ease lower back pain. The heat will help to get blood flowing in the area, dull the pain from nerve endings, and ease the tension on stret

If you have pain in your entire back and it hurts to breathe and the pain is constant. It also goes lower down my back. What could it be?

Pain that severe is typical of a disk herniation in the upper lumbar or thoracic region. Sharp pain indicates a nerve problem, and when the back is involved it typically means

What causes pain in lower left side below ribs?

There can be a number of reasons for pain in lower left side below  ribs. The most common reasons are: Heartburn or acid reflux, spleen  irritation, gas in the colon, costoc

What causes pain on the lower left rib cage and worse when lying down?

  This description is quite vague and could variety on a lot of factors such as your weight, activities, does it hurt after you have eaten, aanndd if there was any recent

Lower back pain on dimple it shoots down buttock and leg?

This sounds like sciatica. It can be really scary and bothersome, but it often goes away after a week or so. It can come and go. It is usually due to a pinched nerve in the lo

What is the smptoms pain lower the left side ribs and will move to back side?

There are many causes of pain on the left side of ribs: oesaphagitis and reflux, pancreatitis and stomach ulcers, angina and heart disease, chest infections, shingles, fibrosi

Pain in lower ribs and back?

Back pain is one of the most common ailments in the UK.   It is thought more than 17 million Britons suffer from the problem, and the Health and Safety Executive estimates

Im 38 weeks pregnant and getting sharp pains and a lot of pressure down below and on ma lower back the doctor said her head is quite far down now and i keep waking up really early in the mornin?

    This is all normal, and are signs that your body is getting ready to birth your baby!     The last couple of weeks of pregnancy are challenging, with aches