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Mabisang gamot sa kulani?

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The title "Chug" is a reference not only to the way you drink beer but also to the way you travel from location to location. Why did you choose to use train as your mode of transportation?

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Anu ang nakaka gamot sa kidney dissis?

rowatenex cap.../ pandan magpakulo ng tubig gawing tsa/ kumain ng hinog na papaya/ uminom ng maraming tubig..... napakabisa rin ng neem tree gawing tsa....

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Anu po ang gamot sa balisawsaw?

Water. Drink lots of water until you feel almost full. Just don't drink to much that you can barely move. Keep drinking from time to time until your urination no longer become (MORE)

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What does SA mean in Schlumberger SA?

S.A. stands for Société Anonyme, which is a French term for a type  of corporation. It is also Sociedad Anónima, or other similar  variations in other Romance languages, (MORE)

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What was the SA?

The SA is the abbreviation for the Sturmabteilung. These were the original "storm troopers" who were the strong-arm of Hitler and terrorized the Jewish population and regularl (MORE)

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What is SAS and When it was invented?

the sas is the most elite fighting force known to man it stands for Special Air Service and it wasn't invented you dont invent a soldier you create a model of that soldier but (MORE)

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Mga panuntunan sa mabisang pakikipagkomunikasyon?

Unang una, isipin muna ng tagapagsalita kung ano ang dapat  niyang sabihin bago niya ito ipahayag. Isipin muna ang damdamin ng  tagatanggap, kung masasaktan ba ito o hindi. (MORE)