Magi is to what As airplane is to hangar These are the answer choices a.creche c.stadium d.park?

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I think the answer is park.
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What is a hangar as relating to airplanes?

A hangar is a large building where aircraft are kept, both forprotection from the elements and for repairs. The same term is alsoapplied to similar buildings that house submar

Who or what are the magi?

the magi is a magicly ball it can travel you in to anywere you want just tell it were you want to go then shake it and if it says yes then it will take you and if it says no t
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How big is an airplane hangar?

It depends on the size and number of aircraft. Some hangars onlyhold one small airplane like a Cessna or Beechcraft, while militaryhangars hold multiple planes and can cover m