Making Mask of Valor in moo moo gx?

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Where can be find the holy aura in moo gx?

Gives:+4 Most Buffs Eternal Aura+3 Most Buffs (enemy) Requirements:- Eternal Aura- Tomes of Power (with 5 charges)Secret Procedure:- Sell the Tomes of Power to any shop

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Holy aura in moo moo GX?

Gives: +4 Most Buffs Eternal Aura +3 Most Buffs (enemy) Requirements: - Eternal Aura - Tomes of Power (with 5 charges) Secret Procedure: - Sell the Tomes of Power to any sho… (MORE)

How do you make ragnarok moo moo gx?

Ragnarok = Simplicity Axe + Halberd Axe + Orb of Lighting + Orb of Shadow + Energy Bulb, Must have those item in inventory then sell ENERGY BULB to shop. Halberd Axe = Orb o… (MORE)