Manchuria is a leading industrial center because?

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It has many natural resources.

Where is Manchuria?

Manchuria is the name of a region now mostly part of northeast China. It was fought over between China and Russia (1858), and between Japan and Russia (1900-1905, 1920-1925) and again from 1939 to 1945 when it was the Japanese territory of Manchukuo. Some islands were again involved in military actions during the Sino-Soviet conflict of 1969. Manchuria borders the Russian territory of Amur Oblast, Primorsky Krai,and the "Jewish Autonomous Oblast" which has now only a small Jewish minority. To the south, it borders North Korea -- the small Russian-Korean border now cuts off Manchuria from the Sea of Japan. Manchuria is now divided into four Chinese provinces: Inner Mongolia (capital Hohhot) Heilongjiang (capital Harbin) Jilin (capital Chanchung) Liaoning (capital Shenyang)

How did capitalism lead to industrialization?

Industrialism is like a natural extension of capitalism. Capitalistdiscovered that mass manufacturing was the best way toexponentially increase wealth.

What is Maine's leading industry?

Answer . I am not clear about the question completely. What is 'MAINE' meant here ? Any way main leading industries are in IT field, banking , finance and BPO services.. Rajeew K V ( please correct me if wrong )

How did innovation lead to the Industrial Revolution?

Innovation led to the Industrial Revolution in England through the variety and amount of English thinkers and inventors being able to communicate effectively and quickly about their new farming and factory techniques.

What are the leading industries of North Carolina?

be corn and tobacco What do you think post a comment on Wiki and tell friends this site let's your opinoin count,so don't forget to post a coment on anything you would and at any time you would like Lowes and duke power lowes HQ is in morresville

How did the Industrial Revolution lead to imperialism?

The Industrial Revolution lead to Imperialism by Countriesassociated with the Industrial revolution started to produce goodsthat were cheaper and people had better quality homes.

What are the leading industries of Florida?

The main industries of Florida are: . beef production . orange juice . tourism . agriculture . electronics

What is your idea about the call center industry?

A call center is telephone department of a company where all calls in regards to queries to that company are directed. They handle all queries in regards to all the nity grities in regards to services of that company.

What do you know about call center industry?

When answering the phone, refer to the time of day it happens to be. Include the name of the company as well as your name, followed by how may I assist you. Proceed to listen to the caller. Respond to the callers question.

What did the Industrial Revolution lead to?

There was mass production of goods with expensive prices bt after this revolution, the things were a LOT cheaper

How did industrialism lead to the civil war?

It did not do anything, why do you care anyway? Just ask some other question or something because I dont want to answer your dumb questions all day, idiot.

What is a leading seaport and industrial center as well as Norway's capital called?

The capital of Norway is Oslo, and the seaport is called Port ofOslo. The city itself covers 175.3 square miles and the populationof Oslo is 593,045 people.

How did manufacturing lead to Industrial Revolution?

Manufacturing is thousands of years old. It simply is a Sanskrit word meaning made by man. Machines doing part of the task of manufacturing had been used for years. The industrial revolution occurred when the processes of more than one aspect of manufacturing an item was turned over to machines.

What is the largest industrial center in Mongolia?

Ulaanbaatar, the capital, is the largest industrial center in Mongolia; however, in terms of the city with the greatest percentage of the population working at industrial jobs, Erdenet takes the highest honors.

What are the leading industries of Brazil and Argentina?

The leading industries of Brazil are iron, steel, automobiles,petroleum, and cement. The leading industries of Argentina aremeatpacking, flour milling, and canning.

What The leading industry in Texas?

Cattles are one of the leading industries in Texas. (I am not sure and I am just following the ATLAS in our school...)

What is the leading industry of New Mexico?

The leading industries in New Mexico are gas and oil production, and tourism as well as federal government spending..

What lead to the Industrial Revolution?

french Indian war . proclamation of 1763 . mercantilism . stamp act . intolerable act . Alexander Hamilton's "Report on Manufactures" . Hamilton founded the 1st planned industrial city in America (Paterson, NJ)

Why did industrialization in Russia lead to unrest?

The growth of factories led to poor working conditions, childlabor, and low wages, which led to unrest.

What is an important industrial center in Germany?

The Ruhr used to be the main centre of industry, but nowadays industry is much more scattered. Important centres include Stuttgart and Munich. Hamburg, Dresden, Leipzig those are important

Why did the industrialization in Russia lead to unrest?

The growth of factories led to poor working conditions, childlabor, and low wages, which led to unrest.

What are Canada's major industrial centers?

Vancouver, Endako, Edmonton, Calgary, Regina, Winnipeg, Thunder Bay, Toronto, Ottawa, Montreal, Quebec, St John's, Bathurst, Halifax, Corner Brook.

What is an industrial center?

Usually, a town or group of towns that are primarily industrial, perhaps based around a major employer such as a steel-works, colliery or aircraft factory, attracting a coterie of allied and supporting trades and businesses.

Industrial importance of lead?

Was inpencils but it is hazardous to the human body, so now a days it isn't used now adays led isn't used as much...

An important industrial center in Germany?

The Ruhr used to be the main centre of industry, but nowadays industry is much more scattered. Important centres include Stuttgart and Munich. Hamburg, Dresden, Leipzig those are important

What is the size of the Lead Generation Industry?

The size of the industry is huge. There are a multitude of companies operating globally and there is a sharp rise of these companies coming out of Bangalore India. Here is one such company that has 3 hubs with all of its workers in Bangalore.

Why has industry moved out of the city center?

Land in the centre of a city is much more expensive than land on the outskirts. . Many travel links are found on the outskirts of cities. . There is more land to expand than in the centre of a city.

How did the Industrial Revolution lead to humanitarianism?

Best Guess: the industrial revolution made child labor happen. People felt bad for the poor kids and tried to help. Humanitarianism is what they called their attempt at helping people. I am guessing here, by the way. Your best chance is to Google it.

What is Israel's major industrial center?

Tel Aviv Hope this helped... I only new this because it was social studies review!!

How did the Renaissance lead to the Industrial Revolution?

Renaissance presented with new ideas and access to technology,which were then modified during the Industrial Revolution. Also, by emphasizing life in this world, the Renaissance encouragedmen to seek material comforts. By furthering a scientific approachto problems, the Renaissance helped pave the way for inventions.

Who are the leading players in the diamond industry?

The top player in the diamond business is DeBeers. Other companies that are coming on line, based on mines being developed over the last 20-50 years are those based in Canada and in Australia. Rio Tinto Group is active in Canada and Argyle is active in Australia. As above, once the stones are mined, graded, cut and polished, there are diamond retailers located all over the world.

How did industrialization lead to global inequality?

Industrialization Spreads - Presentation Transcript . Industrialization Spread Into the US & Continental Europe Ch 9 Section 3 . Reasons for Industrial Development in the US Rivers Coal & iron ore Laborers British blockade in War of 1812 . Textile Industry in US  1st area to industrialize  Samuel Slater  Built spinning machine from memory & design in US  Francis Cabot Lowell  Mechanized every stage in making cloth  Workers  Mostly single young women  Worked long hours, low wages; but better than other options . Technological Boom • Oil • Coal Natural Resources • Iron • Light bulb • Telephone New inventions • Consumed new goods Urban population . Railroads  Chicago & Minneapolis  Location along railroad lines led to growth of cities  Small number of companies controlled 2/3 of the railroads  Smaller railroads joined together  Look at maps on p296  Answer questions . Rise of Corporations  Needed a lot of money  Sold shares of stock in companies (rights of ownership)  Business owned by stockholders (corporation)  Share in profits but no responsible for debts  Examples  Standard Oil: John D Rockefeller  Carnegie Steel Company: Andrew Carnegie  Controlled all aspects of industry: Big Business  From beginning to end product . Lack of Development in Continental Europe Interrupted Communication Inflation Lack of Trade French Revolution . Beginnings of Industrializing in Con. Europe  Belgium 1st to industrialize  Iron ore deposits & coal  Waterways for transportation  William Cockerill  Took British plans for spinning machine to Belgium  Many other British workers followed him to Belgium & the rest of Europe  Germany  Copied British model  Sent children to England to be educated  Built railroads linking cities  Military power because of industrialization . Rest of Europe  Developed by region, not country  Bohemia: Spinning industry  Spain's Catalonia: Processed cotton  Northern Italy: Textiles  Moscow: Factories with serf labor  France  Controlled & lasting growth because of agriculture  Avoided social & economics problems of rest of Europe . Why Did Some Not Industrialize Social Structure delayed change • Most countries Geography problems for transportation • Austria-Hungary- mountains • Spain- waterways . Impact of Industrialization Global Inequality Transforming Society • Widened wealth gap • Gave Europe economic • Exploited less- power in world • Changed daily life & life developed countries raw materials expectancy • Led to imperialism • Population, health, wealth did grow for everyone • Middle class developed • Demand for social reform . say thanks... if you find it helpful hahahah... lol

Why did the Midwest become an industrial center?

The Midwest became a industrial center, because of it's access to waterways, railroads, and natural resources.

What company leads the finfish industry?

In the early 2000s, leading companies in the industry included Zapata Corporation, through its 60 percent ownership in Omega Protein Corporation.

Who leads the children's clothing industry?

OshKosh B'Gosh, Inc., The William Carter Company, and Gerber Childrenswear Inc. lead the children's clothing industry?

Who are the leading companies in the switchgear industry?

The biggest manufacturer of switchgear and switchboard equipment in 1999 was Liebert Corp, with $500 million in sales. Second was Micro Switch Division, with $440 million in sales. Third was Schlumberger Inc., with $370 million in sales.

What factors lead the US to industrialization?

The abundance of natural resources, Settlement of the West, Less importations of natural resources required, large workforce, Between 1870-1910 Americans population triples, twenty million immigrants entered the U.S., Entrepreneurs, and the people wanted less government interference in business.

What the call center industry all about?

it has labels and call number located in the upper - lift hand corner to help the user in searching for the books

What is the Center for Exhibition Industry Research?

is an umbrella organization that represents the entire exhibition and convention field. It sponsors research on the effectiveness and cost-efficiency of trade shows, has a resource center, and serves as a referral point for more specialized groups.

What companies lead the logging industry?

MAXXAM, Inc., the Plum Creek Timber Company, Inc., Crown Pacific Partners; Rayonier, Inc.; and Weyerhaeuser Company lead the industry.

What do you mean by district industrial center?

A district industrial center is a central location that services aparticular area. For example, many factories have differentlocations across the country to cut down on the cost of shipment.

What is the lead are zinc ore industry?

This category covers establishments primarily engaged in mining, milling, or other wise preparing lead ores, zinc ores, or lead-zinc ores

When did the lead and zinc industries consolidate?

The lead and zinc industry consolidated operations gradually after production peaked in 1970: where 88 establishments existed in 1977, the number fell to 36 firms in 1996, and only 22 remained in 2003.

What growth did the automobile industry lead to?

over using of automobiles and an increase in natural gas, causing a more severe green house effect

Where is the center of Argentina cattle industry?

The majority of cattle in Argentina can be found in an area of thePampas called the Humid Pampa, which have very fertile fields.

How should you punctuate this sentence Atlanta the capital of Georgia has been called the pacesetter of the South because it leads that area in industry transportation and technology?

Atlanta, the capital of Georgia, has been called the pacesetter of the south because it leads the area in industry, transportation, and technology.

Where are the centers of industry and culture in Spain?

Barcelona, Vizcaya, Madrid, Navarre and Oviedo are the main industrial areas of Spain. Barcelona and Madrid are the cultural centers.

What island is center of hawaiian industry?

I'm not sure you can call it "Hawaiian industry" but Oahu is home to Honolulu which is the 'city' in Hawai'i. The industry in which Hawai'i gains most income is the tourist industry.

Is the fashion industry lead by Korea?

The fashion industry is not lead by Korea, but it is influenced by them. In fact, with a constant change of fashion, it should only be a matter of time before Korea leads the fashion industry, though it might only be for a short time.

Why did Tijuana become an industrial center?

Due to its close proximity to San Diego, California. Unlike most American cities in the US-Mexico border, San Diego has a large population; in the 1930's it became an important shipbuilding center (especially since WWII). After the 1950's it also became a large R&D center for the US Navy. Since Mexico implemented the Maquiladora Program in the 1960's, several assembly plants started to appear along the US-Mexico border, being Tijuana one of the most successful regions in this regard. After the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) was implemented in 1994, Tijuana became the 6th largest industrial center in Mexico, behind Mexico City, Monterrey, Guadalajara, Puebla and Ciudad Juarez.