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When a Marine "drops pack," it means his term of service is over.
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What is the correct term for bat droppings?

The correct term is Guano. It is the feces and urine of seabirds, cave-dwelling bats, and seals. Guano manure is a highly effective fertilizer due to its high phosphorus and nitrogen content and its relative lack of odor compared to other forms of organic fertilizer such as horse manure.

How do you measure the propeller shaft drop of a marine vessel?

Before taking the measurement, we have to remove the rope guard first.Also to make sure weather the vessel have the poker gauge or not.This poker gauge is use to measure the propeller shaft drop (known as propeller wear down).. After dismantling the rope guard, make sure to turn the blade to one po (MORE)

What is the origin of the term 'Jarhead' for Marines?

Answer . Another legend says that during World War II the Mason Jar Company stopped making jars and made the helmets for Marines. The nickname started to be used after the name "Mason" was noticed printed in the helmets.

What does the term 'Discharge' mean from US Marines Reserve Corps?

Answer . It means that they no longer have a duty to the US Marine Corps.. An Honorable Discharge means that they have fulfilled their duty and obligations.. A Dishonorable Discharge would mean that they have been declared unfit to fulfill them and relieved of their obligations.

Do you have to serve 4 years in the U.S.A. Marines or are there shorter terms?

When you enlist, into any of the military services, you are signing a contract for the next SIX years.. Most Marines spend four years on active duty and two years on inactive duty.. Reserve Marines spend two years on active duty and four years on active reserve. This consists of monthy meeting for (MORE)

What is the origin of the term 'devil dog' for marines?

Supposedly a term used by Germans when describing the fighting spirit of the Marines they battled at Belleau Wood, France in June of 1918 during WWI. However this is the history taught by the Marines and may be nothing more than a legend.

What is the college term for drop date?

The drop date at a university or college refers to the last date you can get out of the class without getting a failing grade and often receive a portion of the tuition back.

What is Hook to Hook in terms of marine shipments?

Hook to Hook. describe the period from the time the cargo comes within reach of a vessel's tackle until the cargo leaves it at the discharging port.

Where did the term pack howitzer originate?

A pack howitzer, or more properly, a howitzer, pack is a piece of towed artillery which can, if necessary, be broken down into pieces small enough to be man/team carried if terrain becomes too rough for towing vehicles.

Can a Space Marine Librarian use a jump pack?

Yes the librarian can use a jump pack, I'm not sure about the points, but I would assume 35 points since that is what it costs for anyone else to get a jump pack. Hope this helps!

Where did the term album drop come from?

The term comes from the shipping term "drop shipment". Retailers of music typically receive shipments from their own central warehouse for cataloged on-hand titles to replenish inventory. The exception are "drop shipments" that are shipped (dropped) directly from the vendor. These "drop shipments (MORE)

What is the shortest service term in the Marine Corps?

The typical enlistment inthe USMC is 4 years. Some are longer if you get a technical MOS that requires more schooling. If you REALLY want to know for sure, go ask your local Marine Corps recruiter. He will know the most up-to-date answer.

Can a space marine captain have a jump pack?

If you pay the points I'm pretty sure you can, just look in the codex under captain it should say "The captain may be given a jump pack at 20 points" or something to that effect.

How long is a Marine officer's term of service?

Only enlisted personnel in the United States military branches are generally bound to a specific service requirement, which is at this time eight years (at least four of active duty, and the balance of inactive reserve service). Officers in the U.S. military generally serve at their pleasure and (MORE)

Voltage drop - explanation in terms of electrons?

If you had a simple circuit of one hot wire (10 ohms), a load (100 ohms), and a neutral wire (10 ohms) at 120 volts; total resistance would be 120 ohms, divide 120 volts by 120 ohms = 1 amp (electrons), current stays the same in a series circuit, so 1 amp would flow through each part of the (MORE)

Can the eye drop fluorometholone be used long term?

Fluorometholone, aka FML, is a very weak steroid drop. Most clinicians say it has the effectiveness of water, but it is very safe to use and yes it can be used long term. As with any steroid drop, there is a risk of increased intraocular pressure (pressure inside the eye), so you should see your eye (MORE)

What was giving to the 1st division marines when they were dropped at gaudalcanal?

Very little. It was early in the war, production had not reached full capacity, and the Marines were at the end of the line for new equipment. They went ashore armed with with the WWI infantry arsenal - the 1903 Springfield bolt action rifle, for example. They also had an abomination called the Reis (MORE)

How do you determine the mixing ratio of two pack paints in PC and marine paint?

First and foremost, identify the manufacturer and contact them for relevant MSDS information. I am assuming that if you do not have the formulation guidelines, that you do not have the safety information either. Two component paints typically contain reactive components (hazardous) so understand the (MORE)

Does long term disability benefits have to be paid pack?

Because the govt. is poor um hold up.. second answer; not always depends on if the long term was state or federal and if you collected it when you shouldnt have and various other things i"m thinking this is a question of will i have to vs the first answer of why...

What is a wolf pack in driving terms?

A wolf pack is an impassable clump of cars on the highway that is basically stuck going the same speeds. These even occur in otherwise free-flowing driving conditions.

Is the term jarhead derogatory toward marines?

No. There are many that try to make it derogatory especially among the other branches. But Marines are proud of the word. It is a heritage charished and passed down through traditions. There are many disputes about the origins of the word Jarhead; everything from how a Marine's haircut gives the ap (MORE)

Is the term semper fi copyrighted by the Marines?

Copyright law does not protect names, titles, or short phrases or expressions. Even if a name, title, or short phrase is novel or distinctive or lends itself to a play on words, it cannot be protected by copyright. The Copyright Office cannot register claims to exclusive rights in brief combinati (MORE)

What's another term for recreational marine fishing?

Recreational marine fishing can also be called fishing. The term is simplified, but it becomes more confusing, as there are many forms of fishing. For example, one may also fish from a lake, or from a fishery.