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What is a gambling marker?

I'm assuming your talking about taking a marker in the way someone would take a marker at say a table such as blackjack. This is a casino line of credit. You need to set up a

How do you get out Sharpie marker?

pure alchohol or hand sanitizer work.   OR! toothpaste. this really does work. No joke... and if it is on a hard surface (not clothes) you can use an expo marker I can ad

What are transition markers?

Transition Markers: Markers that show progression from one point to another. They are also known as connectors. They are used to join ideas together. They help to make writing

What is a Noun marker?

A noun marker is an article, a determiner, or a quantifier; one of those little words that precede and modify nouns. A determiner can be the definite article 'the' or the in

What is a time marker?

A time marker is like a time connective and is used in a piece of writing to make it more interesting instead of using the same words to start a sentence. eg. Finally.now,bef

What is marker rendering?

Marker rendering refers to using high-quality markers to draw and color a representation of a product or idea. Ideally, a marker rendering is a very realistic drawing of the p

What are markers?

markers are colorful sticks of ink used to draw pretty pictures. :) they come in many color all shapes and sizes. You can but them for a minimum of one dollar.

How do markers dry out?

The ink is eventually used up on the paper or the ink is left out in air to evaporate- leaving a dry marker ;D

What is an enzyme marker?

some enzymes present in certain organelles only , such specific enzymes are called marker enzymes

What is a virulence marker?

A virulence marker is a diagnostic tool in detecting viral factors.  The importance of identifying viral factors lies in opportunities  for prevention and to identify modes

What is a regulatory marker?

Regulatory or informational markers are used to advise you of situations, dangers, or directions. They may indicate shoals, swim areas, speed zones, etc. They can be easily id
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Is are a noun marker?

No, the word 'are' is not a noun marker; the word 'are' is a verb  or auxiliary verb. Examples:    You are next in line.   We are going home.     A noun