Maximum memory addressing capacity of 8086?

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The 8086/8088 can address a maximum of 220, or 1,048,576, or 1 MB of memory.
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What is maximum memory capacity for compaq r3000?

You can check ur Maximum Memory Capacity online. Try doing an online search for it.

What is the maximum memory capacity that can be connected to a microprocessor data bus with 16 lines and the address bus has 20 lines?

You can address 2^20 (or 1,048,576) locations. Each location will consist of 16 bits (1 or 0) which is commonly called a Word (though that isn't always the case). I think wha

Maximum addressable Memory addressable by CPU?

Not possible to answer the question. You need to provide more details. To be precise, the maximum addressable memory is limited by the memory controller, not the CPU, and c

Maximum memory a 32bit can address?

32-bit system can address: 2 to the power of 32 = 4.3 Giga different addresses, corresponding to 4.3 GB of RAM as it needs to manage other stuff than the RAM (motherboard,

What is the maximum addressable memory capacity?

It depends on the processor and the operating system. . In the 8086/8088, with a 20 bit address bus, you can address 1,048,576 bytes of memory. . In the 8085, with a 16 bi

How do you address 1GB memory with 8085 or 8086?

You cannot address 1GB memory with the 8085 or the 8086/8088 without some kind of external demultiplexor that is software controlled. The address bus on the 8085 is 16 bits, g

What is the maximum capacity random access memory?

That actually depends on your motherboard and your operating system. For instance, Windows XP on a 32 bit system can use a maximum of 4 gigabytes if the motherboard supports i