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Maximum memory addressing capacity of 8086?

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The 8086/8088 can address a maximum of 220, or 1,048,576, or 1 MB of memory.
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How do you address 1GB memory with 8085 or 8086?

You cannot address 1GB memory with the 8085 or the 8086/8088 without some kind of external demultiplexor that is software controlled. The address bus on the 8085 is 16 bits, g

What is the maximum capacity random access memory?

That actually depends on your motherboard and your operating system. For instance, Windows XP on a 32 bit system can use a maximum of 4 gigabytes if the motherboard supports i

Explain the memory organization of 8086?

Two types of memory organization are used: Linear addressing where the entire memory is available to the processor at all the times ( Motorola 68000 family). Segmented addres

Why does 8086 have 1 MB memory?

The 8086/8088 does not have 1 MB memory, rather, it can address 1MB memory.   The processor has a 20 bit address bus. With that, it can select among 220 distinct addresses,

Maximum addressable Memory addressable by CPU?

Not possible to answer the question. You need to provide more details. To be precise, the maximum addressable memory is limited by the memory controller, not the CPU, and ca

What is the maximum addressable memory capacity?

It depends on the processor and the operating system. In the 8086/8088, with a 20 bit address bus, you can address 1,048,576 bytes of memory.In the 8085, with a 16 bit addres

Does 8086 has memory?

8086 does not have RAM or ROM inside it. However, it has internal registers for storing intermediate and final results.