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There are many different meanings of the nature of acquaintance. An acquaintance is a person that you deal with regularly.
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What is nature of acquaintance?

You're less than a friend but more than strangers. This is when you kow someone but not well enough to hang out after school/work. You probably don't hang out that much but yo

What does acquainted mean?

The word acquainted means to be familiar with. An example would be"He is not acquainted with anyone who lives in Boston".

What does acquaintances mean?

A state of being acquainted, or of having intimate, or more thanslight or superficial, knowledge; personal knowledge gained byintercourse short of that of friendship or intima

What does acquaint film aficionados with the process of filmmaking mean?

Watching movies being made, and understanding the process required to begin the actual filming process could be compared to watching sausage being made. The end product can

What does it mean when someone you are just acquainted with calls you dear?

Probably nothing. Some people, usually women, use the term Dear with anybody. I've had waitresses and store clerks use it. It is just the way they were raised. Southern United

Example of Nature of acquaintance with someone?

The phrase, "nature of acquaintance" refers to how \npeople know each other. The means of knowing each other may be through a\ncertain relationship or context. Here are some

Does acquaintance mean an enemy?

No. An acquaintance is simply someone you know but not very well. For example, a classmate or coworker could be considered an acquaintance because you may not know much about

What does acquaint mean?

It means "get to know" (somebody)

What is the meaning of acquaintance party?

A an acquaintance party is a college party, usually held at the beginning of the semester, where students have the opportunity to meet each other. Acquaintance parties may