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Total number of winners 3468. It has been steadly harder to win, In Civil War they issued 1522. In WW2 - 464, Korea - 133, Vietnam -246 and between the Iraq and Afgan War so far only 6 have been issued and of the six all died in the action that resulted in the award. This number may be different now as these numbers are from 2013.
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What is the difference between Newbery Medal winner and a newbery honor book?

The John Newbery Medal is given to "the author of the most distinguished contribution to American literature for children published in English in the United States during the

Do medal of honor winners get paid monthly?

Yes, each recipient is awarded a monthly stipend for the remainder of their lives. The amount paid as of 2004 was $1,027 plus cost of living increases.

What are the privileges of a Medal of Honor winner?

  The US Medal of Honor puts the recipient in a pretty exclusive club. It entitles the recipient to a LIFETIME PENSION, they are saluted by EVERYONE who passes them, wheth

Medal of honor winners in vietnam?

The list of Medal of Honor recipients during the Vietnam War (1955-1975) is exhaustive, and unfortunately cannot be displayed here. However, we can tell you that 246 Medals of

Who has to salute a Medal of Honor winner?

Every Military Service member is required to Salute a recipient. A great example I can give is for the SSG Gunta who is currently on Active Duty. Now for information to clarif

How old was the youngest congressional medal of honor winner?

William "Willie" Johnston (born July 1850), from St. Johnsbury, Vermont, was a drummer boy in Company D of the 3rd Vermont Infantry. His service during the Seven Days retreat