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Mga halaman at hayop na makikita sa gubat?

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the plants and animals that you can see in the phillipine forests are the narra niyog and the animals are the phillipine eagle the tarsier the bat the fruit bat
the snake and the philippine lions you can see any kind of wild dogs in our forests and woods
you can also see the the phillipine marmoset it is a type of monkey
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Mga babala na makikita sa kalsada?

no parking, bawal magtapon ng basura, no loading and unloding, jeepney stop, bus stop, no stopping anytime, slow down, no blowing of horn at iba pa.

Mga hayop na sa pilipinas lang matatagpuan?

Animals That Can Be Found in the Philippines kalabaw carabao scientific name: Bubalus bubalis carabanesis Philippine Tarsier scientific name: Tarsius syrichta known locally a