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When you started writing Marked, did you anticipate it would be the first in a 12 book series?

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How do you know if a mom dog is producing enough milk for the puppies?

The way you know a mom is producing enough milk because, if you feed it enough water all day when it's thirsty it produces milk for the puppies. You should spend a lot of time (MORE)
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Why Puppy Vaccines are Essential to Your Dog's Health

Dogs may be man's best friend, but man and the environment he inhabits can be downright unfriendly to dogs. Rabies, hepatitis and other diseases threaten dogs on a daily basis (MORE)

Useful Puppy Care Tips for Your New Pet

A puppy requires a great deal of care. When you bring a new puppy home, everything is new and strange to him. It is also new and will take some time for everyone in your house (MORE)
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Puppy Care 101

You've just brought home a new puppy. Now what? What should you feed your new puppy? How do you house train the puppy? What kind of grooming does your new puppy need? When sho (MORE)
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Dog Teething 101: What New Puppies Owners Should Know

Teething is a natural part of the growing-up process for puppies. Knowing what to expect of dog teething can help you to understand what your puppy is going through at this st (MORE)

How soon after having puppies can a dog go into heat?

A dog will go into heat approximately 4 to 6 months after having  puppies, based approximately 6 months after her last heat cycle.  When she goes into heat again will depend (MORE)