Mini project in computer engineering?

Below are few of the Mini project in computer engineering. For more & updated list check out the related links below

1. NAT
2. honeypots
3. Creation of a DMZ
4. Creation of a sniffer and a port scanner
5. GSM

For more & updated list check out the "Related links" below
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Can a mini computer be a node on a computer?

Anything that is a normal computer that is part of a network can be a node, whether it's a pocket PC, netbook, laptop, notebook, desktop, or anything else. Just make sure the (MORE)

Is personal computers are mini or micro computers?

Well as minicomputers are typically between the size of a 2 to 4 drawer file cabinet and microcomputers are typically smaller than one file drawer; personal computers are typi (MORE)

How do you prepare a mini project?

Hi, in my past year i also do some project in college and do some project for companies also so i can guide you properly. The above (MORE)
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Some mini project in vb6.0?

some simplest mini project in vb6 are student information system, scientific calculator, library management system etc.
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Who created the mini computer?

The first minicomputer was made in Taiwan. It was made by Chinese people by the names Ching-Chun Hsieh,Jong-Chuang Tsay, and Sin-Min Tsai
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