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Below are few of the Mini project in computer engineering. For more & updated list check out the related links below

1. NAT
2. honeypots
3. Creation of a DMZ
4. Creation of a sniffer and a port scanner
5. GSM

For more & updated list check out the "Related links" below
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What is a mini computer?

A minicomputer (colloquially, mini ) is a class of multi-user computers that lies in the middle range of the computing spectrum, in between the largest multi-user systems (

What is mini computer?

A minicomputer is a type of computer developed in the mid 1960s, they were generally about the size of one standard 19 inch relay rack and sold for under $100,000.

Will you suggest mini projects for mechanical engineers?

The projects names are as follows 1: CNC programming for milling a typical machine component . 2: finite element method by LS-DYNA software for metal forming . 3: vapour comp

Can you give some idea for mini project in civil engineering?

Development of rainfall run off relationship for small catchments dakshina kannada district education structure analysis, planing and design investigation on nylo fibre re

What can you do for mini project in thermal engineering relating to a manufacturing process?

Tempering would be a fairly easy one. Find some fairly high carbon steel (mild steel won't work, and avoid the alloy ones unless you know they'll behave properly), Heat it red