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Mit jemandem Katz und Maus spielen-Welche rhetorische Figur ist das?

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Mit jemandem Katz und Maus spielen ist eine idiomatische Redewendung.

To play cat and mouse with someone is an idiom.
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Das ist alles?

  That is all= Das ist alles

Leise und sehr egal zu spielen?

The sentence doesn't make sense. It translates as: play quietly and very indifferently

Was ist das Bundesland von Hamburg?

What is the federal state* of Hamburg? NOTE: In fact Hamburg is "ein Stadtstaat" (a city-state), like two others, and the other thirteen ones are called "Flächenländer" ("

Who is the protagonist in maus?

Artie is, Maus is ultimately the story of what happend in his parents lives that caused his mother to commit sucide, and his father to be the way that he is. Artie is on a j

What does Das ist leben mean?

Das ist Leben = That's life! (although the more common version is So ist das Leben).

What does Das ist gut mean?

"Das ist gut" means "This (or it) is good." in English. It's  basically said to show approval of something, or agreement.

Für welche Tiere ist Exmoor bekannt?

Exmoor ist u.a. auch für den Exmoor Pony bekannt.

How did nicky cruz join the mau maus?

he went through their initiation ceremony. out of having a knife thrown at him or getting beaten up by 5 of the toughest gang members he chose getting beaten up and wasn't abl

Das ist der absolute hammer in English?

that's totally awsome! Well, I'm not quite sure what it means, but don't look here for answers....even if it is called answers.com.

What is difference btw. das ist ja ganz toll and das ist ganz toll. When do we use ja in a sentence?

Ja is a very versatile word in German and not always translated simply as yes. It is very often used in German to add emphasis to a statement as in the sentence "das ist ja ga

Was ist das?

"What is that !" is the maening of this common German exclamation.   meaning what is that ^o^
In Kenya

What was the mau mau revolution in Kenya about?

The Mau Mau Rebellion occurred in Kenya, then a British colony, between 1952 and 1956 in an attempt to permit native Africans to access the Kenya highlands which were mostly o

Who were the Mau Mau in Kenya?

The "Mau Mau" were insurgents who fought against British colonial rule in 1950s Kenya: the exact derivation, and even precise meaning, of the term "Mau Mau" is contested. What