Most digital cameras have a data-out port that allows you to attach the camera to any TV?

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Is any software required with digital camera?

Answer . Anything that may be custom made to get the files out of your camera should come with it. Generally, your PC will have a program for viewing, but with limited fe

How do you attach a UV filter to a Digital D40 SLR camera?

All filters are threaded to screw onto the inside threads of the outside rim of a lens. Virtually all lenses, especially those for a digital camera such as yours, will accept

Are you allowed to take a digital camera on the airplane?

Yes, you are allowed to take digital cameras on the plane, unless the airport has a restriction for some reason. Batteries are also allowed, but loose lithium batteries are no
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What type of port does a digital camera hook to?

Most digital cameras are equipped to connect directly to a USB port although most of them also use some type of solid state memory card or stick to store digital images. The m
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Can a virus from a computer affect a digital camera that is attached to it?

Basically - No. A computer virus can possibly damage images you have downloaded to your computer, but not your camera. A virus does its business by running certain system co
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Is there any gold in digital cameras?

There is a microscopic amount in the CCD and other chips - but nothing of any quantity to make it worthwhile melting down the camera to extract the gold. The cost of recovery
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Which digital cameras have the most memory?

Digital cameras usually have external memory cards that can hold many picture files. There are different types of cards with different memory sizes ranging from 2 gb to 64 gb.