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as of today it is Live While Were Young by One Direction......man thats some serious fandom
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Where can you download songs that's not illegal?

1. iTunes 2. YoutubeDownload RealPlayer basic playerDo a google search on "Youtube-mp3 converter free download" and then download it by following linksDrag your Youtube downlo

Is downloading songs from 4sharedcom illegal?

Well.................i dun think so cuz i also downloaded it(songs) so many tymes. i guess its not illegal cuz songs r meant 2 b downloaded n listen............... ..........

Is it illegal to download songs free?

It depends on the source. iTunes routinely offers free tracks as advertising, and most military bands are able to offer free downloads of some of their recordings, but the vas

Should you download songs illegally?

Should? Depends on the perspective. Coming from the copyright holders perspective, one would say no, you shouldn't download songs illegally as it doesn't give the artists or