Mr square has nine children The children were all born at regular intervals This means that the same number of years between any child and their next younger sibling is the same The children from?

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Did Abigail Adams have any siblings or children?

She had 6 children; 3 sons and 3 daughters. The most famous was her son, John Quincy Adams, President of the US. However, her daughter Susanna died at age one and another daughter was stillborn, so history remembers her as having 4 children. Her three sons were John Quincy Adams, Charles, and Thomas Boylston Adams. Her daughters were Abigail (aka Nabby), Susanna Boylston (died @ age 1), and Elizibeth (stillborn). Her sisters were Mary and Elizibeth (known as Betsy). She had 3 sons and 3 dughters.

How do you deal with a child that has oppositional defiance disorder when other children in same family are not affected?

Great question! Oppositional defiance is a medical condition that can usually be corrected with behavior management. In extreme cases doctors can prescribe drugs to control a child's behavior. When one child is oppositional and your other children are not it can be difficult however spending "alone" time with each child helps, knowing the difference between when your oppositional child is being oppositional and when they are misbehaving. Having consistency for punishment throughout the household. Not treating the ODD as a disorder but a way of life helps too. When one child in the family has ODD it affects the whole family and therefore the whole family needs to work on behaviour modification and adjusting their lives to know what to expect and what role they play when there is an episode that occurs.

Two children born on exactly the same day to the same mother but they are not twins. How is this possible?

It happens all the time. They had two different mothers. . Sisters. . That answer doesn't work. The question states that they had the SAME mother, not different mothers. The simplest answer is that they were 2/3 of a set of triplets. . Actually, this happened with me, and it's neither of those answers. My brother and I were born on the same day to the same mother, and we're not twins. However, we were born five years apart. According to the question, this is a correct answer, seems how we were both born on the day of October 7th. Nothing was mentioned about the same year.

Can one child at the age of 13 babysit 6 other children between the ages of 10 years and 7 months old at the same time?

No. That situation would be far too difficult for any 13 year old. That task would even be difficult for one adult, I'd say.. NO. An adult who is one of the parents of the six other children couldn't do this alone. If this is something you are trying to do to earn money, you'll still need help. At the most, one or two children could be managed by a teenager in this age group, but certainly not six. Anything and everything could happen. They could burn the house down.. Maybe if the parents of these six children stayed home and took care of them, they wouldn't be out making more babies. If you are one of the parents of these 'six children', don't put all of that responsibility on a 13 year old.

Should children and adults have the same diet?

no because it would be bad for the children if they are eating the same as adult. they would be eating to many things and would most probabally end up being fat! no because it would be bad for the children if they are eating the same as adult. they would be eating to many things and would most probabally end up being fat! no because it would be bad for the children if they are eating the same as adult. they would be eating to many things and would most probabally end up being fat!

What is the meaning of dodging numbers for children?

Children often miss some numbers in a series while counting whilelearning to count. These missed numbers are called "dodgingnumbers." Dodging numbers should be identified and special care betaken to make children remember these numbers. It's very normal,and most children grow out of it.

Do children ever look exactly the same when?

Children never look exactly alike unless they are identical twins.Even identical twins often have some differences in their looks,their fingerprints differ, and they may have scars or otherfeatures that look different.

Do children and adults have the same taste buds?

No, childrens tastbuds allow for more sweet foods to be injested than adults. This is why alot of baby food is sweetned. Its also theorized that due to the higher calorie needs of the child and the higher caloric count of foods that are sweet are a biological trate to help kids get enough calories for their development.

Why don't children with the same parents all look the same?

Genetics. They Don't Always Take From The Parents. They Can Get Their Genes From An Ancestor such As Grandparents Or Anyone Blood Related.. everyone has different DNA. however identical twins have the same DNA if you are related by heredity, you have common alleles [a leels] Forensic scientists may take a sample of saliva, hair, blood, or skin and run the DNA through their database. if there is no result, they can still compare it to other samples from other cases or other people. even if you dont have a picture of them on record. you have their DNA make-up. our DNA and our brothers and sisters have common alleles. An allele is an alternative form of a gene each trait you have has 2 parts (moms, dads) or (dads, moms) there are millions of combinations. We are all different!

Maria has three children There is two years age difference between each child The total ages of all three children is 36 years Rosa is the youngest child How old is Rosa?

Rosa is 10.. -- further--. This is calculated by working out the relationship between the children.. Let's call Rosa "R" and let that stand for her age. . The next child is R + 2 years old. and the eldest if R + 4.. We are told that R + (R + 2) + (R + 4) = 36 (add the Rs and the digits on the left) . R + R + R + 2 + 4 = 36 . 3R + 6 = 36 (subtract 6 from both sides) . 3R = 36 - 6. 3R = 30 (divide both sides by 3). R = 10According to the information given, Rosa is ten years old.

Why do children have the same fingerprints as their parents?

Humans are all unique, the result of the splicing of the genes during conception. Children do have similar fingerprinting as their parents, but they are not exact matches. The result of this is because of the DNA that is "handed down" to the child.

6 children born at same time?

if i think i know what your talking about 6 children can be born at the same time but it is very complicated............... if i think i know what your talking about 6 children can be born at the same time but it is very complicated............... if i think i know what your talking about 6 children can be born at the same time but it is very complicated............... if i think i know what your talking about 6 children can be born at the same time but it is very complicated..............

Can children that are not twins have the same DNA?

In practice no, since the amount of variation is incredible due to the haploid nature of the sperm and egg, and due to independent assortment and 'crossing-over' durin meiosis. However, as is with all odds based questions, yes it is theoretically, and technically possiblem, but in reality, no.

If you have 4 children all the same sex and the fifth is opposite why?

Basic genetics and math. Males have chromosomes XY, females XX. The father provides one chromosome, either X or Y, the mother invariably provides an X chromosome. The X and Y chromosomes provided by the father are present in roughly equal proportion and have an equal chance at fertilizing the egg. The math part. Chance of first child being male: 50% or 1/2 Chance of second child being male: 50% or 1/2 Chance of third child being male: 50% or 1/2 See where I'm going with this? Yes, it becomes increasingly likely that the next child will be a female, but at each conception, the chance remains 50%.

Are all children born psychic?

generally, yes very much because they will see the world as its natural state of mind!! if the child reaches over 10 years old and got strong abilitys they are more likley to stay with the child for life!

Do adults and children have the same consumer rights?

Yes, however keep this in mind; Under the law minors are not 'competent' to be a party to a legally enforceable contract. That being said: Minors also cannot bring suit to protect their own interests. Their parents/guardians must do it for them.

How does same-sex marriage confuse children?

One possible way that children might be confused is in trying to understand why their parents' marriage is not legal when some of their friends' parents' marriages are. This might need to be explained to some children.

Do children have the same blood group as their parents?

More often than not, children share blood types with their parents. However, blood type is determined by two parts of a gene: one from each parent. So while two parents who are both type A blood have mostly type A children, they can also have children with type O blood.

What if all your children want to get married on the same day?

If it was me I would just leave it to them and suggest they get wedding planners. I think as a mom I deserve to go to my children's wedding after raising them all these years without have to actually provide the entire thing. Especially if they insist on getting married on the same day. If they make you choose where to go, don't feel guilty for what you decide. They created it, not you. As adults they are responsible for their own weddings and lives, not you.It should be important enough for them to have you there to work around it.

Do your children have to have same blood as you?

No - children do not have to have the same blood type as the parents. For example, if one parent has blood type A and the other has blood type AB, the child might have A, B or AB blood types. (For the child to have B, the parent with blood type A would need to be heterozygous, Ao)

Does same-sex marriage have an effect on younger children?

No, unless it's their parents getting married. Then they are happy. Same sex marriage have bigger effect on straight adults then kids. Kids usually find it unfair that people aren't allowed to get married and especially if this is directly connected to their parents. Kids understand love and happiness, not laws from a religion they might not even follow or fully understand. Children in same-sex marriages are just like all other kids but with a bigger understanding and acceptance for the difference in people.

Are Britney Spears children from the same person?

Yes, Britney Spears courtship and marriage to Kevin Federline resulted in the birth of Sean Preston on Sept. 14, 2005 and Jayden James on Sept. 12, 2006. Both boys have the same parents - Britney Spears and Kevin Federline.