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Mrs Sedlowski knows she can get three scoops of ice cream from a pint container how many one-scoop ice cream cones can she make from a quart is a gallon enough to make 30 one-scoop ice cream cone?

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6 one scoop cones and No
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The ice cream shop offers 31 flavors You order a double-scoop cone In how many different ways can the put the ice cream on different falvors?

It depends on whether you count chocolate on top and strawberry on bottom as different than strawberry on top and chocolate on bottom. If you want those to be the same, you

How to make cup cakes in a ice cream cone?

  You cannot make them in an ice cream cone because you have to bake the cup cakes. If you bake the cupcakes in the ice cream cone, not all of the batter will cook and the

How did they make the ice cream cone to hold ice cream?

Seems that no matter how you serve ice cream to a child they'll end up wearing a good part of it. Give it to them in a bowl and they'll spill it over the sides. Serve it to th

How many different double scoop ice cream cones can you make with two flavours?

If you have n flavors available, you can make n(n-1) different permutations (each flavor can be on bottom or top and its considered different) or n(n-1)/2 different combinatio

How do you make a s'more ice cream cone?

seriously,i have no idea i really want to know and i think you want to know too,but i which i know how cause i'll be doing it almost everyday but really i dont know. Good lu