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K Free Daily is available. I'm on a blood thinner and started taking k Free Daily. It's great. I think the people who created it are pharmacists.
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Why do multi vitamins cause nausea?

A multivitamin contains some nutrients that should not be taken on an empty stomach. That could be the reason nausea is experienced. To avoid that, take vitamins with food. A

What is the purpose of Vitamin K and Vitamin D?

  Vitamin D, an essential vitamin/hormone produced in the skin by ultraviolet radiation, is essential for calcium balance, bone density, immune function, and proper cell

How do you get vitamin k?

you get vitamin k by eating leafy grenn vegatables,dairy product, like milk ,......... and also broccoli,and soybean oil

Where do you get Vitamin K?

from good bacteria that help break down your food that live in your intestines and from food such as brussle sprouts, cabbage, cauliflower, brocoli, avocado, kiwi fruit and pa

What is vitamin k for?

The blood-clotting process.

What is vitamin K?

Vitamin K is a family of chemically related substances called naphthoquinones. There are two major types of vitamin K that are important for humans: K1 and K2. Vitamin K1 (phy

What is the best multi- vitamin?

In my opinion, the most complete, well-rounded multi-vitamin is one that comes in liquid form. If you can find an orthomolecular doctor and get a B-12 injection(also known as

Does multi vitamins interfere with coumadin?

Vitamin K is the antidote to coumadin. Taking a regular dose of multivitamins will probably not interfere with the clinical effect of coumadin, but it is all a question of the

What does vitamin k do?

  It promotes blood clotting and prevents hemorrhaging.

Do multi vitamins make you thirsty?

I'm not sure myself but I'm taking multi vitamins lately and I have been insanely thirsty. I just started to notice...and obviously urinate heaps more often too. Must be rrlat

What is the best multi-vitamin for women?

The best women's mufti-vitamins are those that are derived from whole foods. They contain the co-factors that vitamins need to work right in the body and are complete vitamins

Can you give a dog a multi-vitamin?

First of all, its vitamin not vitiam!!! Well although i am not a vet. I suggest no. it maybe ok but then again you dont want to put your pooch in danger!! Remember pets are ep