My Furnace doesn't seem to be keeping up with our need?

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You may want to have your furnace serviced to be sure that everything is working properly and also to evaluate that you have the correct size for your home. Also, check the seals of all windows and doors - really, anywhere where a leak can exist.
Put in new filter
Clean vents
Clean air ducts
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Why doesn't the furnace blower turn on?

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What is an up flow furnace?

An up-flow furnace is a heating device that draws in air from near floor level in a building, heats it and then discharges the warmed air through a vent or plenum at the top of the machine. The warmed air is then fed into ductwork that distributes it throughout the building. This type of furnace is (MORE)

Why does my furnace pilot light keep going out?

There are a couple common reasons for a pilot light going out.. 1. The thermocouple is weak. This is the gold rod that must see the flame in order to keep the gas valve open. it is a safety device that will not let the gas vavle open if there is no pilot.. 2. The pilot is dirty and has a yellow fl (MORE)

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Furnace keeps shutting off?

Change the thermocouple. -This is the device that keeps the gas open to the pilot and thus controls the regulator. They cost less than $10 and can usually be changed in less than an hour. If you haven't done it before I would suggest hiring a competent handyman to do it, or if you are quite mechan (MORE)

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Your furnace blows but will not fire up?

Gas furnace have several safeties installed for your protection. If for some reason one of these safeties are not opening or closing the furnace will not fire. Most likely the pressure switch, high limit or transformer may be faulty. If it is an older model check the thermocouple.

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How do you keep your furnace off?

Turn the thermometer switch to off . Turn the electrical service switch by the furnace to off . Turn off the main breaker . After turning off the main breaker disconnect the power line to the furnace

How do you hook up your thermostat to your furnace?

2 wires to the "R" and "W" terminals on the furnace. Usually the thermostat has similar terminals. If you have air conditioning, then there are 5 terminals to contend with. Look for a wiring diagram on the internet.

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