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Should a maid service be licensed and bonded?

Yes. You may or may not have to be licensed depending on where you operate. Your state or local government may require you to be licensed and also carry minimum limits of lia

What is the average cost for maid service?

I have been cleaning homes for over 20 years. Currently, I live in the Raleigh, NC area and I charge between $70.00 and $85.00 for the average three bedroom, two bath home und

Are there any lesbian maid services in Vancouver?

There are no maid services that employ only lesbians as that would be discrimination.. There may very well be a lesbian that works as a maid? Though it would be very unprofess

Does Molly Maid Service do windows?

Molly Maid will sometimes do windows. Franchise owners vary from one another in this area. Before you choose a cleaning company, you will need to ask about a custom cleaning p

How reliable is the molly maid service?

Molly Maid Service is a locally owned and operated business. It provides cleaning services with no contracts and has been in business for over 25 years. All employees of Molly

What is an easy-to-use maid service software?

There are many sites out there that are easy to download software from. One of the most recommended is ServiceCEO. It has been used by many of the leading maid franchises.

What is maid service software used for?

Maid service software is used to place maids with clientele that are searching for maid service. Maid service software is a very specific program used to fit it's specific nee
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What kind of service does merry maids run?

Merry Maids runs a house cleaning service. The maids come out based on a schedule set by the customer and do cleaning like windows, kitchens, bathrooms, vacuuming, etc.

What services did hotels in 1800 offer?

In the 1800's, hotels offered a variety of services based on the area. Many offered meals, baths and luxurious settings for the era. Others were more of a boarding house, offe
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What services do Molly Maids provide?

Molly Maid provides several house cleaning facilities in the US. Their main service is a customize-able cleaning plan which is retro-fitted to suit you. They also do single ro
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What types of software do maid services use?

A popular software service that the cleaning industry uses is Maid Easy Software. This software is a complete system to help running a cleaning company.