My car is smoking what could the problem be.?

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If it is white smoke, it could be leaking coolant into combustion chamber by a leaking head gasket, cracked block, or warped or cracked cylinder head. If it is black smoke, the engine is running to rich. (too much fuel going into engine). If it is blue smoke, engine is burning oil,(valve seals or rings).
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What could be the problem when some heavy light colored smoke is seen after driving a car on a highway stopping and starting it again?

Answer . \nUsualy this is caused by condesation forming in the exhaust system.When the car is driven for a long period and or at highway speeds the exhaust system heats up. Then when it is shut down moisture from the ambient air condenses/collects inside the exhaust,then when you drive the car ag (MORE)

If an Eclipse is emitting a lot of white smoke when driving that smells foul but the car runs fine other than the smoking what could be the problem and would it have anything to do with the turbo?

Intercooled \n. \nIf the turbo is intercooled it may have a blown seal allowing coolant to pass into the intake flow.\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nWhite smoke is usually an indication of a blown head gasket. Stop driving the car immediately until this is looked into. Serious engine damage will o (MORE)

Your 1993 Chevy Lumina started smoking from under hood no temp lights on no oil light did get a low coolant light when you turned car off and restarted What could be the problem?

Answer . When coolant leaks on a hot engine it produces quite a bit of steam, and it looks like smoke. Make sure you aren't leaking coolant somewhere and if you are, take care of the problem before the engine is destroyed. It's usually a radiator hose or heater hose, but whatever you do, take ca (MORE)

Why does car have rough idle it overheated what could be the problem?

Answer . If you suspect overheat has caused a problem, you first need to run a compression test. That way you can eliminate some of the problems that are often caused when an engine is overheated.\n. \nAs you're pulling the plugs for the compression test, make sure the plug colors are even, and (MORE)

Can a fuel mixture problem cause a car to smoke The car has good compression new plugs and wires. The smoke is not steam or burning oil.?

Answer . What color is the smoke? If it's black, it's probably receiving too much fuel. If it's grey or blue, it's probably oil related. If the engine isn't using oil, check to see if it has a vacuum modulator on the transmission. If it does, pull the vacuum line to make sure it's clean. If the (MORE)

Oil leaking nothing on bottom of car what could be the problem?

Answer . \noil can be leaking from higher up on engine. u just need to clean engine, then after running for awhile, look for leak, be aware that oil on engine can be blown back over engine by the fan, so some hard looking may be what it takes to find the problem

Replaced car starter car still won't. start what could be the problem?

The most common failure is a poor connection at the battery. Make certain the terminals are clean and tight. Also make certain the ground cables are in good condition and not loose. Other things to check would include the "S" terminal on the starter solenoid, The neutral safety switch and possible a (MORE)

Could gasket sealer make your car smoke white from the exhaust?

Answer . Possible but doubtful. White smoke from the exhaust is normally a sign that coolant is entering the combustion chamber. This will destroy an engine in short order if not repaired. My guess is someone did not install the head gasket correctly or over or under torqued the head bolts and m (MORE)

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My 1997 buick lesabre car is backfiring what could be the problem?

Start here: Check for cracks in the coils, to check, start the car and look at the coils to see if its jumping fire anyplace, If so this is the problem, If not, replace the plug wires. This advice is about 90% accurate. May not fix it though.. You might also check for loose bolts on the intake mani (MORE)

What could be the cause of black smoke from car exhaust?

A vehicle with black smoke from the exhaust is either running too rich ( fuel air mixture is incorrect ) or burning oil or oil getting into the combustion chamber. If oil, check and/or renew oil rings . If your vehicle is older and you keep having to add oil it is probably the latter. But burning (MORE)

What could be the problem causing my Chevy Blazer to smoke?

It could be a # of things; Piston rings,Valve seals,Oil returns stoped up, Leaking intake manifold, Over filled with oil. To much fuel,engine running rich. What color is the smoke ?? What year and engine size, This would help me answer The question.

What could be the problem if your car sputters when you press the gas?

Could be several things... O2 Sensor, fuel issue etc. Most of the time you will find that it's simply the car's computer needs to be reset (due to dead battery or having the battery unhooked for a few minutes. Heres a quick way to reset the car's computer; make sure the car is warmed up pop (MORE)

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What could be the problem if a car overheats?

After 5 years of racing i think i can answer this, there is a large variety of simple reasons why a car would overheat, heres the list blocked radiator- this can be fixed by simply scraping the junk off of your radiator. low or worn out oil- replace your oil and check for leaks- if there is a leak (MORE)

What could be the problem with your car if it overheats?

Not knowing much about cars, I know my car used to overheat in the radiator which is usually at the front of the vehicle near the headlights. If there isn't enough coolant in the radiator, or if there is a leak your car will overheat and you will see smoke coming from your hood. A word of caution. D (MORE)

Your van smoke sometimes and its not thick what could the problem be?

Most likely worn piston rings causing small amounts of oil to get into the cylinders while it's running. Why you don't see it comming from your exhaust after your car warms up? Thank your catalytic converter for doing it's job and burning off the rest of the oil particles.

Could gas make a car smoke?

Possibly if there is some water in the fuel. You will also see black smoke if the fuel/air mixture is too rich. White smoke is coolant in the combustion chamber and blue smoke is oil burning.