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My car will not start but the lights come on and the radio still plays and the battery is new what could the problem be?

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i drove over caked snow while trying to turn, the car could to back up because of the ice of the ground.After three atepts, the car could not start again ,but all the light are on and the radia still pray. Car: 2005 Toyota corolla
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If you have installed a new car battery and alternator but after only 2-3 days the car is not starting again what could be the problem?

I have a jeep grand Cherokee and when mine doesn't start i either have to jam the shifter forward than start OR while foot is on the brake, turn the key and hold, than shift i

You are having the problem with your 98 Plymouth breeze 2.0 l the car wont start and the lights and radio and all that come on you had the starter tested and it is still good what could be the problem?

Check to see if your fuel pump is good. Buy starting fuild and spary some in the hose that's attached to your air fliter spary it towards the engine. Have someone turn the key

You have to jump start your car everyday installed a new battery and alternator what could be the problem?

You should have a heavy red wire going to the back of the alternator, it should have 12 volts, it will excite the alternator, thus allowing it to charge your battery. If the d

02 radio dont play car wnt start all lights comes on what is it?

  Remove the radio and see if everything is normal. If yes put another one (known to be working well) in and see if the car starts. If yes then the older radio is faulty.

Brand new car battery battery light still on why?

Then the alternator needs to be looked at asap But I even took the cable off alternator and car stayed on which meet alternator in good right? Edit: If you took the cable off

What could problem be brake lights come on when no one is in car and battery goes dead?

Unwanted Brake Light Activation  Usually this is caused by the brake light SWITCH being out of adjustment in relation to the brake pedal arm which pushes on a plunger in the