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First you have to get the blueprint by playing bee battle... Sasquatch2011 has the Bee Battle module... 25 red bricks
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How many drones does the queen bee mate with in a year?

  A queen bee mates only once in her lifetime but it will usually be with anything up to about 20 drones. This takes place about a week after she emerges from the pupal ce

What is the difference between a worker bee and a drone bee?

The main difference is sex. Drones are male, their sole job is to  fertilize the eggs of the queen. Workers are female, norminally,  they could have been queens if that had

Are worker bees and drone bees the same?

  No. Worker bees are all female, and perform all the tasks in the hive except two.   The Queen bee lays all the eggs that will produce the new bees.   The Drone is

What do drone bees eat?

Honey, nectar and pollen, same as all other bees.

What does the drone bee do?

The drone bee mates with the queen. In the hot summers they may also help in the "hive ventilation" process. They are not capable in doing any others jobs.

What do the bees do to the drone bees when they die?

Drones are ejected from the colony by the worker bees at the end of the season and are no longer needed. Because the drones aren't able to look after themselves, they starve t

How many drones in a bee hive?

In the average bee hive there can be around 200 drones during the summer. There are none in the winter because they would have been evicted during the autumn by the workers.

Why do worker bees kill the drone bees?

Drone bees are completely useless for everything except reproduction. They're essentially sex machines, whose only mission in life is to mate with a queen and spread their col

What would happen to a honey bee colony if their were no drones?

Actually there are usually no drones in the honey bee colony over the winter. The worker bees push the drones out of the hive in September or early fall and don't allow any of

Why do drone bees have to leave the hive?

After the end of the breeding season, the drones (males) are no longer required and as they do no work but still have to be fed, they are an unnecessary drain on the colony's

Why do drones die after mating with the queen bee?

When a bee stings, it leaves its stinger on the human and dies. For a drone, the bee leaves its mating organs within the queen bee after mating an Save d dies.

What does a drone bee do?

A drone (male bee) has only one purpose in life - to mate with a virgin queen, after which he dies. If he doesn't 'get lucky', he returns to the colony and then does no work a