My shower faucet doesn't turn the full 180 degrees only 90 so the water doesn't get hot enough It's not the water heater because every other faucet in the house works fine Any suggestions?

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It would help to know what brand and if it is a pressure /temperature balance type also AKA scald protection
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Only cold water comes out of shower hot water faucet?

I have just the opposite problem.. I'm only getting very hot water coming out of shower head.. What I've been reading is it's most likely the mixing valve/anti-scalding valve

How do you fix one slow running faucet which worked perfectly before but not after a new water heater was installed and all other faucets work fine?

Check the screen in the end of the neck. Very often rust and sediment are dislodged when the water system is shut off. If not that then possible in the valves themselves. Depe
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Your shower pours hot water out of the faucet even when off and turned to cold with the knob Any ideas on what this could be?

You don't say whether you are referring to a single handed mixer or an individual faucet. If a mixer then the o rings inside have probably worn away and need to be replaced. I
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Water doesn't flow from Moen faucet?

Possibly the washer is broken. Turn off supply underneath, remove the handle and then the screw stem. Take these parts to Home depot and get a new washer or repair kit.
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Why won't hot water come out of the shower when it comes out of every other faucet and tub?

The single most likely reason would be buildup of rust or calcium particles in the valves and inlet. Many showers have a one-handle arrangement wherein the handle controls mov
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New home and the shower faucet only turns 90 degrees instead 0f 180 and you get no hot water What do you need to do?

Not sure if it's related but I had a similar issue. Turns out there is a limiter for hot water inside my faucet. The instructions say that by default it does not limit the flo