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My step daughters live w their mom and grandmother the grandmother keeps putting diapers on the 5 yr old when she doesn't need them the mother also will not allow her to wear panties is this abuse?

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I am almost 15 I want to move in with my grandmother who loves me and wants to take care of me My mother and step-dad don't treat me right How old do I have to be to go live with my grandmother?

  If you are being mistreated by your mother and step father you can take it up with child welfare especial y if you have a grandmother who is willing to accept responsibi

Oklahoma married separated not legally mother keeps daughter at grandmothers on weekends mother not around can you take her when mother is gone?

I know it doesn't sound easy, but your best and safest option would be to comply with your daughter's mother's wishes that you don't take her...at least for now. That is, unle

Can a sixteen year old girl live wear she wants if she was put out of her grandmothers home and her father lives out of town unfit and her mother is also unfit to take care of her?

  my first question is why would your grandmother put you out in the first place? Are you still going to school? If not, why? Theres more to this question than YOU think,