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Italian port city starting with G?

Genoa, Italy Genoa is a city and an important seaport in northern Italy, the capital of the Province of Genoa and of the region of Liguria. The city has a population of ca.

What Italian cities start with the letter M?

Italian cities whose spelling begins with the letter "M" include: . Macerata, Macomer, Magenta, Maiori, Malcesine, Mamoiada,Manfredonia, Manta, Mantua, Marche, Maremma, Mare

Italian cities that start with the letter k?

Kastelruth is the name of an Italian city whose spelling whosebegins with the letter "K." It is located in far northeast Italywhere the above-mentioned German form is one of t
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How many city hubs does nw airlines have?

Northwest Airlines has hubs in Minneapolis/St. Paul, Mephins, Milwaukee, Boston, and Tokyo Narita. Recently Northwest and Detla merged resulting in the consolidation of some h