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Name of the pet of Jose Rizal?

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Syria , Verduenza , Braganza and Usman ang name ng pet dog ni Dr. Jose Rizal

alipato is its name,.
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Where Jose Rizal get her name realonda?

the name realonda was from her one and only godmother. In rizal's time, the middle name of the child was from his godmother/godfather as a sign that she/he too is responsibl

Why Jose Rizal University named after rizal?

When the Jose Rizal college was established in 1919 by Don VicenteFabella, it was the height of the country's fascination with Rizal.It made sense that an educational institut

Why is it rizal is the last name of Jose rizal?

Actually, Rizal`s name is very LONG. His true name is Jose Protacio Rizal Mercado y Alonzo Realonda. As far as I know, his last name is Mercado. But his second surname Rizal c