Name somthing a tourist might be wearing on his neck?

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A Scarf?
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What do tourists wear?

Tourist Wear . Tourists typically wear clothing that is appropriate for their destination (i.e. warm jacket for a trip to a cold location, sandals for a warm, beach destination). Comfortable, casual clothing is preferred, along with a good pair of walking shoes. Tourists are known for wearing hat (MORE)

What do you wear with a V-neck?

I wear mine with an Angel pendant. For a recent friends wedding, I choose this as I find it adds a dash of classiness and also some "protection" from the guardian angel:

What do tourists in China wear?

When visiting any foreign country, study enough about eheir culture to know what is conservative there. Remain conservative and be a polite guest. Help end the Ugly American image.

Do Christians have to wear somthing to be a Christian?

No,Christians do not have to wear something to be a Christian. Arelationship with Jesus Christ is what makes a person a Christian.But Christians should wear proper clothing to cover their bodies soas not to lead others into lusting.

Wearing a key around your neck?

This amulet is quite old, and was used by ancient wizards. The key is not just a subject we sometimes used to open and close doors, but it is a sign of power and wisdom , is used to protect against evil forces , it is said that if a key is shaken quite strong at of being in trance or med (MORE)

Name something a tourist may have around their neck?

well it depends according to different situations. One may hang a binocular, a compass, or a camera. one must choose the items according to the needs. somebody who is into adventurous trips should have all the 3 mentioned above to avoid risks..

Name somthing people talk into?

Well, A lot of people get into the topic of whats new in today's world. Try talking about a new movie and what you have thought about it. If you don't find a movie you have both seen try telling your intimate friend about it. Tell them a summary of it. But make sure you keep an open mind about (MORE)

Is summer named after somthing?

The word summer is from the Middle English' somer', or Old English'sumor'. The Proto-Germanic' sumaraz', or the Dutch "zomer"

Name somthing that might be listed on a lost dog poster?

For online family feud: . Name . Reward . Phone Number . Description Posters: Make sure your posters are on bright, preferably neon-colored backgrounds. This will make your posters stand out. It should be mounted on cardstock paper so that it doesn't fold over in the wind or rain. Have a pict (MORE)

Name something an old might be wearing that he keeps adjusting?

Some things an old man (a group that it's still OK to make fun of just because they belong to a demographic?) might be wearing that he keeps adjusting: . belt . bow tie, . boxer shorts, . dentures, . glasses, . hair . hat, . hearing aid . jeans . jockey strap . knee braces, . pants . (MORE)

What did Cleopatra wear around her neck?

Cleopatra's wore a necklace around her neck. Depending on the occasion, it would be either a symbol of her authority or divinity. Egyptian tastes in jewelry ran to the bright and colorful. For other occasions, such as depicted on her coins, she preferred pearls.

Somthing you wear that's statrs with c?

camisole . camp shirt . cap . cape . capri pants . cardigan sweater . chef's hat . chemise dress . chinos . cloak . coat . culottes . corduroys . cowboy hat . cowl neck sweater . crew neck shirt . cut offs

Name something a tourist might have?

Cash Credit Card Map Phrase Book Luggage Medical kit Passport Address Book Lots of clothing Air tickets Stamps Camera Camcorder Driving Licence

What do dogs wear around their neck?

Banndannas, scarfs...anything they let you, really! But collars are essential- if your dog bolts at least you know if someone finds him or her they'll be safe.

What is the name for the piece of cloth French men wear around their neck?

A scarf is 'une écharpe' (fem.) or 'un foulard' (masc.). Une écharpe is a warm piece of clothing to protect the neck against cold weather, un foulard is made of light fabric and is more a fashion accessory. The particular piece of a shirt called collar is called 'le col' (masc.) in French. (MORE)