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Name the board game in which the pieces move around a grid of 256 squares?

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What is the name of the old simplified chess-like board game that had pieces shaped like knights and kings and such and each square had arrows indicating where your piece could move?

In the Links section, I've put some links to chess variants that are similar to that. However, based on your description, I think you're talking about All the King's Men. The

Name of game piece that moves around board?

It's called a "mover," but can also be called a "pawn" or "token."

What are the names of the pieces in the clue board game?

Mr. Greene, Crl.Muster, Scarlet, Ms. Peacock, Mrs. White, and Prof. Plum In the original game of Cluedo - Reverend Green, Colonel Mustard, Miss Scarlet, Mrs White, Mrs Peacoc