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Names all famous black people from 1930?

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well jhon Harrisburg and judie lang those are the only ones i know right now!
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What could the white people do that the black people couldn't do in the 1930's?

They could not go to the same bathrooms. The black people had to stand on the bus when the white people were there. The blacks could not go to the same school and they were co

Names of famous people in Nepal?

  who is best famous person for Nepal ? I would like to study about them.

Do all black people have guns?

Black people, like all other people, are not all the same. They have different views, different hobbies, and own different things. Some of them own guns, some do not. Some bla

What was the attitude of white people towards black people in the US in 1930?

As a consequence of the Civil War and Reconstruction, whites in the South had developed a segregated society. African Americans were relegated to a separate "colored" class (a

Famous people of the 1930s?

Hitler and Stalin come to mind. Oh yeah, and that old geezer in the wheel chair. Forgot his name.

What famous black people play soccer?

Drogba, Essien or Eto'o are some famous soccer player who are black but there are too many good black soccer player to mention them all.

What famous people have names that start with a A?

Adolf Hitler, Anthony Perkins, Maya Angelou, Abraham Lincoln, Aretha Franklin, Annette Funnicello, Angelina Joile, Aaliyah, Anthony (& Cleopatra), Angela Lansbury, Adam (& Eve

Who are famous black people of the 1800s?

Here are a few:   * W.E.B. Dubois (activist)  * Frederick Douglass (abolitionist, politican, activist)  * B.K. Bruce (senator)  * Booker T. Washington (educator)  * H

Why are black people called black if all black people aren't really black?

Pure blooded Sub-Saharan Africans can have a skin color that is almost black. When a very dark African stood next to a pale European, the two appeared to be black and white,

Famous black people names?

Hank Aaron, baseball HOFArthur Ashe, tennis championMaya Angelo, poetArthur Ashe, tennis proDebbie Allan, dancer, actressJohn Amos, actorCorbin Bleu, actorKobe Bryant, NBA sta

Names of famous people in Botswana?

Amantle Montsho-athelete Kaone Kario,Winner of Nokia Face of Africa Model Competition and now international model Angelo Lambrou-internationaly famous designer Emma Wareus,1st