Names all famous black people from 1930?

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well jhon Harrisburg and judie lang those are the only ones i know right now!
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Famous people of the 1930s?

Hitler and Stalin come to mind. Oh yeah, and that old geezer in the wheel chair. Forgot his name.

Who were famous people in the 1930s?

Franklin D. Roosevelt and Mary McLeod Bethune are some of thefamous people in the 1930s. These people were famous for thecontributions that they brought to the world then.

Famous people of the 1930's?

Amelia Earhart (pilot), Charles Lindbergh (pilot), James Stewart (Actor), Clark Gable (Actor), Judy Garland (Actor & Singer), Mickey Rooney (Actor), Charles Chaplin (Actor & F

Famous black people names?

Hank Aaron, baseball HOF . Arthur Ashe, tennis champion . Maya Angelo, poet . Arthur Ashe, tennis pro . Debbie Allan, dancer, actress . John Amos, actor . Corbin Bleu, a

Name famous black people?

Harriet Tubman, who invented the underground rail road to freedom, Martin Luther king junior, who spoke out against segregation, Rosa parks, who refused to get out of a white

Can you Name all famous latina people?

I'll list the ones I can think of. . Rosie Perez . Selena Gonzales . Demi Lovato . Rita Moreno . Sonia Soto Mayor . Eva Longoria . Gloria Estaban . Zuleyka Rivera Men

What are all the famous peoples names?

Some famous people are: . Abraham Lincoln . Adolph Hitler . Alexander the Great . Confucius . Elvis Presley . The Emperor Constantine . Fidel Castro . Cleopatra . G