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anti antibiotics,
don't go messing around with natural treatment
you need Amoxicillin, and to get yourself don't the doctors
bronchitis can lead to pneumonia, which is potentially life threatening in children and the elderly
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What is the best natural treatment for stage four breast cancer?

They can operate to see if the cancer can be removed hopefully they get rid of it if not they want to try chemotherapy and radiation as prescribe by your oncologist they can b

Are there any natural hemorrhoid treatment?

I had a hemorrhoid recently, which has almost completely disappeared within a month after I started to: -work out about 4 times a week (just some simple exercises, like push

What is natural treatment for acid reflux?

The best natural treatments for acid reflux are  lifestyle modifications. Eating smaller, more frequent meals  instead of a few large meals, sitting up for at least an hour

What is the best natural treatment for retinal tear?

There is no natural treatment for this - left unattended, the eye  will almost inevitably lose all vision irreversibly - not just  blurriness, but complete darkness with no

What are some natural treatments for thinning hair?

Natural treatments to prevent thinning hair including stopping vitamin deficiencies and having any underlying thyroid problems corrected. Thinning hair is not always because o

What are natural remedies for back pain treatment?

Home Remedies for Back Pain: Garlic as a treatment for back pain Garlic is the oldest and the most effective remedy for back pain.In fact, it is the only remedy which can be u

What are natural treatments for a Bacterial Infection?

  Bacterials, like most organisms, respond well to dessication so, in the old days, people would sometimes pack open wounds with sugar or salt -- both hygroscopic compound

Is the treatment for viral pneumonia palliative in nature?

False, if the organism is viral the patient is given supportive  care, such as antipyretics, fluids, and oxygen, until the immune  system can control the spread of the virus

What is the best natural treatment for anxiety?

Close your eyes and take long deep breaths. Relaxation classes, Yoga and Psychotherapy might help yesss,, moreover you need enough rest and Patience, eat very nutrient food

What is a natural insomnia treatment?

A good herbal treatment for insomnia is valerian tea, made with valerian root. It helps to relax and sleep will come naturally without side effects. It has an odd smell but th

What Natural treatments for dog skin problems?

There are many purported natural treatments for all sorts of dog skin promels - such as hair loss for example. If you are concerned aout your dog's hair loss, other skin pro

Do natural acne treatments really work?

Acne can be caused by many factors, including an unhealthy diet, hormone imbalances, clogged pores, or lack of attention to a skincare regimen. Developing the right cleansing
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What is a natural treatment for Bipolar Disorder?

There are various treatments for Bipolar Disorder. The most important thing is to consult a mental health professional before engaging in any natural or homeopathic remedy for

What naturally hair loss treatment is best?

I believe that it will stop the hair loss entirely, but i'm sure if  it help me it could help you too. You should use the pure argan oil  with the shampoo.   I believe t