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anti antibiotics,
don't go messing around with natural treatment
you need Amoxicillin, and to get yourself don't the doctors
bronchitis can lead to pneumonia, which is potentially life threatening in children and the elderly
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Natural flea treatments?

  Answer   a flea comb, use it very often.preferably use over sink or tolit so fleas will jump away.

What are natural treatments for a Bacterial Infection?

  Bacterials, like most organisms, respond well to dessication so, in the old days, people would sometimes pack open wounds with sugar or salt -- both hygroscopic compound

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Natural treatment consists of natural remedies instead of  manufactured remedies. For instance, you can stop the itch of a bug  bite with a banana peel.

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What are Natural Eczema Treatments?

You might want to try some products like natural mud's and soaps made from those mud's. Try moormudsupplies.com that site has lots of information on this topic. Hope this help

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