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i like her very much
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Have you adjusted the regions you market based off of what you've learned about these kinds of demographics?

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Show video of nazia iqbal scandal?

Show video of nazia iqbal scandal?

There is no such video .The one presented by the name of Nazia Iqbal ,was just an attempt to defame her. It was not real

Paris Hilton sex scandal?

  Answer   Answer What about that, just another scandal to rock the world of publicity and more so, it's free publicity. Don't believe everything you read in gossip

What are sex scandals?

A sex scandal is when like a husband is haveing sex with another woman besides his wife.   its like another word for "cheating" on someone.
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How are sex scandal being spread?

  in order for a person to spread puclicly the sex scandal,he/she must have video cameras or cellular phones so that he/she can record the said activity..
Does Megan Fox have a sex scandal?

Does Megan Fox have a sex scandal?

In an interview She said that she'll "NEVER" ever get involved or do something like that. "That's the last thing I want to see - what I look like having sex. It would take o