Need remote code Have a GE remote but a Sanyo tv?

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One of these should work....
1004, 1048, 1049, 1073, 1080, 1162, 1169, 1180.
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Need set up codes for quasar television using a GE universal remote?

Answer . Your best bet is to go to the Quasar web site and look up the codes for your model and plug them into the remote. If that doesn't work, chances are the remote is

What are the Remote control codes for a GE television?

Answer . What model TV is it. Here are some that I have laying around: 11447 10047 10051 10451 10178 10055 11347. Try going to your Remote Control device's

Code needed for a sentry universal remote The tv is a sanyo?

I have a sanyo tv too and just bought the same remote. the codes listed are 004, 048, 049, 080, 107, 162, 169, and 180, but the one that worked for mine is the second one. hop

What are the codes for a Philips remote when you have a sanyo tv?

The codes relate to the tv set and not the remote. Google the set or sanyo and you will get the code. You then need a universal remote to programme to that code or the instr