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Never had sex but given oral sex spotted for a day pregnant?

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No you cannot get pregnant just by doing oral sex. You would have to have vaginal sex to be pregnant.
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If you have spotting and have never had it before and had unprotected sex does that mean you are pregnant?

  Answer   Hello.   No this doesn't necessarily mean you're pregnant. Not every woman spots when pregnant.     You may be spotting because you h

Is it possible to get pregnant after oral sex?

If that was all you did - no. But if you did anything that caused semen to get onto/into your vagina, either directly or transferred by fingers, lips, clothes - then there's a

Could spotting 3 days after sex mean you are pregnant?

  If you are only just experiencing sex then it could be your hymen breaking, but that is generally a flow and its present just after sex.   What you are describing cou

How come you can get pregnant from oral sex?

You can't. Whoever told you that is clearly lacking a basic understanding of human anatomy. Most people who say that you can get pregnant from oral sex seem to think that bab