New zealand citizen need visa to work in us?

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Yes you do; contact the United States consulate in Auckland on (09) 303 2724.
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Does a US citizen need a visa to travel to France?

\nA visa is automatically given, for 90 days, when you debark in France with your passport. It will be stamped in your passport.\n. \n Answer \n. \n. \nYes.\n. \nThey need a US passport to enter France and a visa to travel within the country.

Does a US citizen need a visa to travel to Europe?

There are 39 countries whose nationals do not need a visa to visit the EU for three months or less. These include Australia, Canada, and the United States. If your trip is over three months in length, you must procure a visa from that country's consulate or embassy.

Do a us citizen need a visa to enter the united kingdom?

According the US State Department's travel information web site,, "A visa is not required for tourist or business visits to the UK of less than six months in duration." For other situations, see the web site for more information.

Do US citizens need visas to visit Romania?

No, US citizens do not need a visa to travel to Romania. I myself have been there three times. Romania is a part of NATO. Any country that is a part of NATO US citizens do not need visas to enter. US Citizens need a visa if they wont to travel to Russia. I was in Frankfurt and some American didn't h (MORE)

Does a us citizen need a visa to travel to London UK?

That depends, of course, on the purpose of the visit. For a short visit for purposes of tourism or one of making business contacts, presentations, etc. probably not.. For purposes of setting up residence, conducting employment, studying or establishing business then one needs the necessary student, (MORE)

Do you need a visa to get into new Zealand?

it depends what country you hold citizenship or permanent residency in. If you are a New Zealand or Australian citizen or permanent citizen, you can usually entervisa-free and stay indefinitely, as well as work and study. If you are from the UK, you can usually enter New Zealand visa-free for six mo (MORE)

Does a US citizen need a visa to visit New Zealand?

No. A visitors permit will be given on arrival in New Zealand. The US and New Zealand have a mutual agreement to allow visits up to 6 months without a visa as long as you don't have a criminal conviction and don't intend to seek paid employment.

Does a US citizen need a visa for Norway?

as far as i know, and i am norwegian and has been working at the airport in Bergen for some years, nobody needs visa for Norway. At least not Americans... you can stay until 3 months ;)

Do canadians need a visa to visit new zealand?

Depends why you are traveling there and for how long. If you're a tourist and going for less than three months, then no. For more information visit:

Does a US citizen need a VISA to travel to Morocco?

Visa and Entry/Exit Requirements for Morocco The short answer: visa not required for stays up to 3 months. According to the US consulate web site: . ENTRY REQUIREMENT : The Moroccan immigration authorities require that U.S. citizens possess a valid passport to enter the country (student and (MORE)

Is a visa needed for USA by New Zealand Passport holder?

Providing you do not have any criminal conviction you do not need a visa to visit the US for a visit less than 3 months with the following restrictions.. 1. You need a biometric passport if your passport was issued recently it will be o.k. 2 You need to obtain a electronic travel authorization (ES (MORE)

Does a US green card holder need a visa to travel to New Zealand?

Having a "green card" from the United States will allow you to enter the US if you leave. It has nothing to do with access to other countries. Whether or not you will need a visa to travel to New Zealand depends on the country from which you have your passport.

Can Australian citizens work in New Zealand?

Yes. Australian citizens can live and work in New Zealand as long as they like as long as you don't have a criminal record (minor convictions excepted). There are a few exceptions like joining the Police or Army where you have to be a citizen or permanent resident.

Do Canadians need a visa for New Zealand?

No, not for a visit. You can stay for 3 months without a visa (can be extended to 6 months). The usual restrictions apply. You cannot work for pay and you musn't have a criminal conviction that resulted in jail time.

What countries do US citizens need a visa for?

It is best to assume you need a visa to visit any country of which you are nota citizen, but US citizens do not need a visa to visit Canada, the EU and some Caribbean countries, among others. When visiting purely as a tourist, the list is longer; when visiting for work, the list can be shorter.

Do China citizen in US need a visa to enter Brazil?

Visitors who are traveling with common passport, a tourist, entry and stay for up to 90 days will be allowed if they are coming from the following countries : South Africa, Andorra, Argentina, Austria, Bahamas, Barbados, Belgium, Bolivia, Chile, Colombia, South Korea, Costa Rica, Denmark, Ecuador, (MORE)

Do you need a visa to return to Australia from new zealand?

There is a travel agreement between Australia and New Zealand. No visa is required if you have a New Zealand passport, no criminal records, are treated for tuberculosis, and have not been deported, excluded, or removed from any country before.

Can you use nab visa card in New Zealand?

Short answer yes, credit cards are usable in most countries in the world. But your purchases will be converted into US dollars before being re-converted to your local currency. And your local Visa office, or NAB will advise you on the policies.

Does a citizen from New Zealand with criminal convictions need a visa to enter the US?

Technically, citizens of New Zealand do not need visas to enter theUS for short (90 days or less) stays. They do, however, need to beauthorized through the electronic system for travel authorization,which in practice is pretty much the same thing but with lessactual paper involved. Your best bet is (MORE)

Do Malaysian need visa to study at new zealand?

Yes, all Malaysians need study visa to study in New Zealand. Acertain process follows study visas where the student will selectuniversity and course, check details, send educational documentswith IELTS score if given and passport copy and request for offerletter. You can do it either by yourself or (MORE)