Nhac che anh la vo dich?

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What is ich dich auch in English?

I think one can't directly translate that because in English such a construction requires a verb, thinking about it, it isn't a complete sentence in German either as it's lack (MORE)
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What is a vo press?

I gather that a VO Press is a North American mixed drink, based on Seagrams VO whisky. "In a tall glass, Fill with ice,Pour Seagrams V.O., Fill the rest of the glass with half (MORE)

What is the hormone ANH?

  ANH stands for atrial natriuretic hormone. It is released by the atria when to much pressure is bing applied to them (Blood pressure is to high). The hormone inhibits wa (MORE)

The Most Affordable Self-Employed Insurance Plans

Everyone needs insurance. People who work for others frequently take advantage of employer-sponsored group plans that have discounted premiums paid with pre-tax dollars. If yo (MORE)
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Top Massage Therapists in Miami

Healing with massage has been around for centuries, but has increased hugely in popularity across the western world in recent years. There are a multitude of massage therapist (MORE)

What does Bach BWV Anh mean?

The German catalogue number of a JS BACH work is called Bach Werke Gezeichnis (abbreviated to BWV). So Cantata N°4 has been catalogued in 1950 as BWV 4, for example. When t (MORE)

What is the English translation of the Italian phrase 'Che la luce sia benvenuta'?

"Let the light be welcome!" and "Welcome  the light!" are English equivalents of the Italian phrase  Che la luce sia benvenuta!    Specifically, the relative pronoun ch (MORE)