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Nhung hinh anh ve an toan giao thong?

duong bo viet nam
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What is a thong?

  A thong is also called a G-String. Piece of ladies underwear (knickers) that has thin strip at back that goes between buttocks to minimise underwear lines showing throug… (MORE)

Are thongs dangerous?

They certainly are. The first time I saw a woman with a thong, my heart stopped.

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Are thongs uncomfortable?

  No! at least not for me. i wore mine to school the first time today and it was great! no panty line, but it kinda feels a little weird like u got a mild wedgie, but not … (MORE)

What does Bach BWV Anh mean?

The German catalogue number of a JS BACH work is called Bach Werke Gezeichnis (abbreviated to BWV). So Cantata N°4 has been catalogued in 1950 as BWV 4, for example. When t… (MORE)