Nhung hinh anh ve an toan giao thong?

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duong bo viet nam
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What are thongs?

Thongs are underwear that covers the front of the girl's vagina but gets thin as a sting in the back, which it goes in your butt. To me it's comfortable. It depends on what th

What is a thong?

A thong is also called a G-String. Piece of ladies underwear (knickers) that has thin strip at back that goes between buttocks to minimise underwear lines showing through clot

What do thongs do?

Originally, thongs were a "sexy" trend. They were used for intimate purposes and they were used to show off the butt cheeks of a woman. Now, thongs are considered underwear, s

Where is that thong at?

On the back of a chair that you stupidly threw it onto. Now your mother is going to catch you and you're going to die horribly and painfully by getting strangled with "that th