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the condition of wanting nothing
if your referring to the band, they are grunge.
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What is Nirvana?

Answer: Nirvana is the state of eternal happiness .Eternal happiness could be achieved by giving up worldly desiresfor things such as food and clothes and follow the Eightfo

Who is nirvana?

They were a grunge band from the early 90's. Although they weren't around for more than a few years, because the lead singer/guitarist, Kurt Cobain, commited suicide. Please

Where is Nirvana?

In Buddhist philosophy, Nirvana is not actually a place, but a state of being. It is essentially the state of enlightenment in which the individual has found the perfect peac

What is a nirvana?

Nirvana is two things 1.) It is the state of being free from suffering. It is praised in Indian religions . 2.) A grunge rock band formed in the late 80's and rose to fame

What Nirvana is not?

Everything, Nirvana is not.. Anything that can be experienced, Nirvana is not.. No object of contemplation, Nirvana is.

Nirvana is defined as what?

Nirvana the band is grunge music. Religious nirvana is wanting freedom from certain emotions.

Who were Nirvana the band?

the best band of all time. they are a seattle based band, they were big in the early 90s until lead singer Kurt Cobain shot himself in the head in April 1994 he was 27

How did nirvana meet?

Kurt Cobain and Krist Novoselic grew up in the same town, and met performing with various acts there. They picked up Dave Grohl later after a few other drummers. Pat Smear, th
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Who did nirvana influence?

Nirvana's influence and legacy has been very eloquently writtenabout by a number of writers. You can read excerpts of this throughthe link provided in related links

What is meditation and what is nirvana?

Meditation is the path to enlightenment. One begins by choosing a meditation technique, which helps one to become more aware of one's thoughts, feelings, and physical sensatio

How do budhists get to nirvana?

Buddhists will definitely attain (not get to , since nirvana is not a realm of existence) Nirvana when they practise the Eightfold Path or the Threefold Training, viz. morali
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Nirvana is defined as -?

Nirvana is defined as a state of no suffering and perfect happiness.