No remorse no regret in German?

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keine Reue, kein Bedauern
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What do you regret?

the first couple months of seventh gade.... . the first couple months of seventh gade....

What does remorse mean?

To feel remorse is to feel sorry for something you have done or tohave regrets. The term "buyer's remorse" indicates that a purchaser regretsbuying something, either because

How do you spell the word 'regret' in German?

"Bedauern" is the German word for "regret".. much to my regret > sehr zu meinem Bedauern. Also "Bereuen" You will regret that > Das werden Sie Bereuen. The choice is

What is a regret?

Regret is an emotion associated with wishing something in the past never happened, something you did that you wish you'd didn't do. To regret something is to experience that e

What is remorse?

Remorse is a emotion someone feels like regret after they have donesomething shameful, hurtful, or violent. It is similar to guilt andself resentment.
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Do Germans regret World War 2?

I think that it depends on who you talk to. Some Germans regret losing WW2 and some might think that it was terrible. I think in the whole, most Germans regret WW2 because mos
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What noun is remorse?

The noun 'remorse' is a mass (uncountable), common, abstract noun;a word for deep regret or guilt for done wrong; a word for anemotion.