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Isn't Star Trek the best show ever?

Yes. Pretty much, at least. I Love Lucy would be the only other "logical" choice. Live long and prosper.. Funny, or perhaps logical, that you should mention I love Lucy. Star Trek was filmed in the same studio (Desilu, named after Desi and Lucy). Did anyone notice that Kirk's eye looked swollen in (MORE)

What are three settings you can change under Device Manager?

In order to change settings in the Device Manager, you must know how to open it up first. . From: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc750187.aspx . "There are two ways to open Device Manager: . Right-click My Computer and choose Properties , then click the Device Manager tab. . O (MORE)

Was friends the best tv show ever?

''Not in my opinion. Mork and Mindy was the best TV show ever as far as I'm concerned. Now that show was funny' No actually I think friends is the best tv show ever but people have their own opinions. Actually i think you'll find the majority of people who have a television prefer Friends than 'Mor (MORE)

Why isn't Kate's friend Beth in the new shows?

One Answer It seems as if they don't that much help anymore because the kids are getting more grown up and easier to take care of. I think they will be in the show later in the year. Maybe Jon and Kate miss them too much to send them to relatives and friends. Or maybe they just do not need that mu (MORE)

Is friends the best show ever?

Yes of course it is it was the best ever then and still is now why did you have to ask I mean are you stupid? But that's another question...

What do you do when your best friend isn't your friend anymore?

I'm in the same situation. My "best friend" has dated my crush, tried to get everyone to hate me, and badmouths me to all her friends outside of our school. Needless to say, she is no longer my best friend. If you are having problems like these, first try talking to your friend. If you can get to (MORE)

Can you show the set of real numbers?

\n. \nThe set of real numbers is simply denoted as \n{-∞,…,-5,-4,-3,-2,-1,0,1,2,3,4,5,…,∞}\n in basic set notation, and is any number beetween -∞ and ∞ (ie. any number with ℑ [imaginary part] 0).

What are the different sets of number under the real number system?

The real number system can be sliced and diced in an infinitenumber of ways. In other words, you can't list all the differentsets of numbers in the real number system. However, here are someof the commonest: . the real number system itself (on the grounds that every set isa subset of itself) . t (MORE)

How can you get your best friend to show his pubic hair?

I am not sure why you would want to see your best friends pubic hair but... You could try bringing the conversation around to puberty and pubic hair. Mention other boys who you know have pubic hair, you might have seen them in the showers or changing rooms at school. Try and get him to say whether h (MORE)

How do you show that your best friend is really your best friend?

Well, if your so called "best friend" doesn't really think that you're best friends with each other, then maybe your not. A friend is very hard to find. Let alone a best friend. Friends are people who are always there for you and promise to never let you down. And they won't ever break that promise. (MORE)

How do you show your best friend that your gay?

You could start by asking them how do they feel about gay people. Once you get their response you can try telling them but keep in mind that if they dont like it just let them kno that if they choose not to be your friend because of your sexualality that they were never your friend. If they do excep (MORE)

How do I show my friend that the girl he likes isn't what he thinks she is?

If you are correct in claiming that the girl that your friend likes isn't who he thinks she is, then you know something about her that he doesn't. You must have observed something specific. Tell your friend what you know. But do so as tactfully as possible; these kinds of discussions can easily beco (MORE)

Which sets of numbers are closed under subtraction?

To be closed under an operation, when that operation is applied totwo member of a set then the result must also be a member of theset. Thus the sets ℂ (Complex numbers), ℝ (Real Numbers), ℚ (RationalNumbers) and ℤ (integers) are closed under subtraction. ℤ+ (the positive i (MORE)

How do reunite with an old friend whose number isn't in the phonebook?

You could search their name on facebook. I know there'd be like 60 results or something but you could look through all the profile pictures or just ask some of them that you think might be your old friend. If you don't remember their full name then I'm sorry but what I just said won't work.

How do you tell your best friend your friendship isn't working?

First off, what's the problem? Tell them what it is. Maybe it's that they're too bossy, that they always have to be the center of attention, whatever it is just tell them. Then ask them if they have ever realized this. Continue if they said yes, then continue. If they said no, go to the next paragra (MORE)

What happens if you and your best friend isn't playing together?

1. One of you may have done something wrong, that hurt your friend's feelings. 2. You guy's don't trust each other. 3. One of you, wants to move on and find new friend's. 4. Maybe, your friend is busy. You should talk to you your friend and make sure everything is ok. Maybe, it was all a big mis (MORE)

How do you kiss your best friend who isn't gay?

you probably can't. if he's clearly and undenyably straight then he'll want to kiss girls. if he's gay in any way you'll notice flirting. be careful though. you don't want to ruin a friendship by blurting out your feelings. if he's uninterested then you could put a rift in between you 2. if he's int (MORE)

What if your best friend isn't your friend anymore?

that's a bit unfourtunate.. but that usually happens over a fight. but if there has been no fight then you should still be best friends, if you were best friends in the first place then you should just tell them the truth and what you're feeling, so do that

How can you show your best friend how much she means to you?

When their birthday is coming, give that person a really nice/expensive present and give that person a thoughtful card. If that person's birthday already passed, then try helping that person with anything that they need help with such as giving that person a ride to school or helping that person wit (MORE)

What to do when your best friend tells you that she isn't your best friend?

You smack her face twice then scream at her....... no don't! Well, she could be messing with you but if she isn't the try not to get to bothered. This happened to me twice and it was a big shock... especially because I didn't do anything wrong! Try to ask her why she isn't your bestfriend and be op (MORE)

How can you show your best friend you care about her?

You do lots of stuff with her and tell her how much she means to you and that you really want her to know she can tell you anything and you will keep her secrets that nobody else knows. I know that love my best friend like an amazing favorite sister...and i hope she knows all this!:)

Which set does 6 belongs to isn't rational numbers or what?

6 is a rational number and it belongs to any set that contains it! It belongs to {6}, or {45, sqrt(2), 6, pi, -3/7}, or all whole numbers between -43 and 53, or multiples of 2, or composite numbers, or counting numbers, or integers, or rational numbers, or real numbers, or complex numbers, etc.

Why is friends the best tv show in the universe?

It isn't. In the Andromeda Galaxy, Everybody Loves Glaxron , is the ratings winner. In the Pleiades, it's The Rezyzlo Bunch & near the Burchaploknian Star Cluster they are quite fond of What's Happening Now .

How do you add friends on snapchat?

In order to add fiends to snapchat one must find a person that they would like to friend. Once they find this person they can click a button that say add as a friend.

How do you delete the Snapchat favorite friends list?

You can't delete your Snapchat favorite friends (BFF) list. It is automatically generated based on who you snapchat the most. Be careful, your favorite friends list can be seen by others! The only way to remove someone from the list is to Snapchat other friends very frequently and their names (MORE)

Which sets of numbers are closed under multiplication?

There are infinitely many sets of this type. Some of the common sets include natural numbers, integers, rational numbers, real numbers, complex numbers. Also, as an example, all sets of multiples of some whole number, for instance: { ... -6, -4, -2, 0, 2, 4, 6, ...} {... -9, -6, -3, 0, 3, 6, 9, ...} (MORE)

Why was the Best Friends feature removed from Snapchat?

Snapchat initially removed the Best Friends feature because somepeople wanted more privacy. However, the CEO of Snapchat haspromised that the Best Friends feature will be back at some point,just in a somewhat different form.