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OSHA How many restrooms are required per workers in a work place?

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One toilet seat and one urinal are required for every 40 workers.
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What degree do you need to work for OSHA?

That is easy from some of the stuff I have heard about OSHA. The  answer is NO DEGREE and a low IQ would be helpful too, so you dont  outshine current OSHA workers! You woul

What is OSHA residential requirements for porch railing?

OSHA does not have jurisdiction at private residences, only business and workplace environments. Residential building requirements are primarily the responsibility of local go

Why did factories begin to require workers to work in shifts?

  Factories made workers work in shifts so they wouldn't get tired and just stop working. The shifts consist of 8 hours or more.     Ha ha Mr. Foust 12-1 xD

How many hours per day does a social worker work?

the average social worker work the average hours of 40 hours a week. That doesn't include the addition input hours of having to go to afternoon meetings and evening visits wit

How does OSHA work?

OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) is a federal government agency established in 1974. There are also 26 states that operate "state plans" for OSHA enforcement

What are OSHA requirements of administrating emergency oxygen?

The administration of emergency oxygen is a medical procedure and  thus not subject to OSHA. Emergency oxygen should be administered  only by or under the direct supervision

What is the OSHA requirement for the height of a toe board?

A standard toe board shall be a minimum of four inches nominal in vertical height from its top edge to the level of the floor, platform, runway, or ramp.

How many calories per day can an office worker have?

It should be about 2500 calories anyway. Even office worker needs certain amout of energy to function correctly. However, every office worker should do at least 30 push ups pe

How many restrooms were in the globe theatre?

There were no restrooms in the Globe Theater. However, there was a bucket that was passed around that people could use, or people would go outside and use neighboring bushes i