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OSHA How many restrooms are required per workers in a work place?

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One toilet seat and one urinal are required for every 40 workers.
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How many employees are required to have a OSHA inspection?

Employers with 15 or fewer employees are not subject to random (general schedule) OSHA inspections. However, they can still be inspected if an employee files a complaint or th

How many hours per day does a social worker work?

the average social worker work the average hours of 40 hours a week. That doesn't include the addition input hours of having to go to afternoon meetings and evening visits wit

How does OSHA work?

OSHA (Occupational Safety & Health Administration) is a federal government agency established in 1974. There are also 26 states that operate "state plans" for OSHA enforcement

How many hours per week do social workers work?

At the BSW level it will depend partially if you are hired on an hourly wage or as a salaried employee (also will depend a bit on what state you live in). As an hourly employe

How many days per week is a lawyer required to work?

\n. \n Answer \n. \nDepends on where he works. \n. \nIf he is in private practice for himself, he isn't required to work at all. Of course, he doesn't get paid for n

How many calories per day can an office worker have?

It should be about 2500 calories anyway. Even office worker needs certain amout of energy to function correctly. However, every office worker should do at least 30 push ups pe

What are OSHA requirements?

There are many regulations under the OSHA, Occupational Safety andHealth Act. The act provides guidelines for employers for providinga safe and healthful workplace. You can fi

What do you do if you feel an OSHA inspection is needed to get hazard corrected at your work place?

You can contact an OSHA office and make a complaint or report the  problem. OSHA is supposed to keep your identity confidential if  requested. If you are an employee or othe