On Cyclomaniacs how do you unlock sunset city?

Total wheelie time of 10 seconds on Volcania:Up the Mountain
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How do you unlock the episode on Animal Crossing City Folk?

Triggering the episode requirement 1: talk to pelly at least once ( visit the town hall in the daytime ) requirement 2: buy at least one item at the able sisters ( visit able (MORE)

How do you get pizza slice 1 in the game cyclomaniacs 2?

you have to play at the dunes and get at least 8 seconds of invert air time which means you just turn till your upside down then turn back before you hit the ground and that w (MORE)
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What are the cheats for Cyclomaniacs?

CHEESE - LOW GRAVITY GERBIL - SUPER GRAVITY ELVIS - AUTO BOOST HADDOCK - HADDOCK COSTUME SNEAKY START - To do a sneak start with any bike, press UP as just before the word (MORE)

How do you unlock all islands on gta Liberty City stories?

you have to keep doing mission with salvatore and that unlocks the second island and just keep doing missions to unlock the third. other wise you could just get the cars driv (MORE)
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How do you unlock olivine city gym in heart gold?

Go to the lighthouse talk to jasmine.surf to cianwood and get medicinebeat cianwood gymgo back to jasmine and give medicinebattle in gymIn Olivine Gym It Is recommended to hav (MORE)

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