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On Cyclomaniacs how do you unlock sunset city?

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Total wheelie time of 10 seconds on Volcania:Up the Mountain
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How do you unlock saffron city in FireRed?

How do you unlock saffron city in FireRed?

all you have to do is go to celadon city... but u must first talk to an old lady in a building she will give you hot tea take it to one of the guards and he will let you in i

Where does the sunset?

the sun sets in the west. and rises in the east.

What are the cheats for Cyclomaniacs?

CHEESE - LOW GRAVITY GERBIL - SUPER GRAVITY ELVIS - AUTO BOOST HADDOCK - HADDOCK COSTUME SNEAKY START - To do a sneak start with any bike, press UP as just before the

Why do you have sunset?

Sunset occurs because the earth moves anticlockwise, making the sun seem to move from east to west over the course of the day. The sun doesn't really set, of course, it is ju

How do you unlock the gym in saffron city?

You must first defeat the rockets in celedon city gym. Go to the poster in the game corner and go nuts ^_^ After that go to Saffron then you know that big huge tower? Well if