On Halo 3 how do you change your person on matchmaking?

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To change your character for matchmaking and custom games, press the start button at the main menu or in any of the lobbies (campaign, matchmaking, custom games, theater), then press right on the left thumbstick. Scroll down to the "Appearance" option, then press A.
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How do you get a lot of kills on Halo 3 matchmaking?

Obvious. Hog the power weapons and always try to flank the enemy. Use right weapons at the right time. ALWAYS have a battle rifle because if you get good you can 5 shot in nor

Do you get to play matchmaking in halo 3 ODST?

No you don't but you do get " Fire Fight " which is a Four Player campaign on Xbox Live and a Two Player Campaign on your Xbox.... . But you do get a halo 3 disk with all the

What is matchmaking in Halo 3?

Matchmaking is xbox live. You need an account on xbox live to use it. You can play many different styles of multiplayer games with people all over the world, like Social Slaye

How do you get maps onto Halo 3 matchmakeing?

You must go to the XBOX LIVE Marketplace for Halo 3 and download the maps and map packs. But some will cost you with Microsoft points. Or you could buy Halo 3 Odst which comes

What are the matchmaking levels in Halo 3?

The maps on Halo 3 are: Regular Map Pack Construct Epitaph Guardian High Ground Isolation (not in Matchmaking anymore) Last Resort Narrows Sandtrap Snowbo