On my Lego network how do you get a drone bee?

On my Lego network how do you get a drone bee?
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Beat some one and harvest a drone bee in a bee battle, rank 1. (Kiwiswat and Apralis has the module)
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What does the drone bee do?

The drone bee mates with the queen. In the hot summers they may also help in the "hive ventilation" process. They are not capable in doing any others jobs.

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What do the drone honey bees do?

The drones are the male bees. The queen and worker bees are all female. The only purpose of a drone is to mate with a new queen. Once mating has finished the drone will die. … (MORE)

How many drones in a bee hive?

In the average bee hive there can be around 200 drones during the summer. There are none in the winter because they would have been evicted during the autumn by the workers.

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What does a worker bee do to the drone bee?

The drones do no work in the hive, and for most of the season the workers will feed them. But at the end of the season the workers will stop feeding the drones and will evict … (MORE)

Are drone bee male or female?

drone bee is male because The word 'drone' comes from the Old English 'dran or draen' meaning 'male honeybee'

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