On my Lego network how do you get a drone bee?

Beat some one and harvest a drone bee in a bee battle, rank 1. (Kiwiswat and Apralis has the module)
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How do I get a pollinated bee on ''my LEGO network?

Hi this is what you are need to do: 1) Create your worker bees.2) Go on somebodies page who has a flower module.3) Click the + sign underneath the flower module on that person (MORE)

Are worker bees and drone bees the same?

  No. Worker bees are all female, and perform all the tasks in the hive except two.   The Queen bee lays all the eggs that will produce the new bees.   The Drone is (MORE)
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What does a worker bee do to the drone bee?

The drones do no work in the hive, and for most of the season the workers will feed them. But at the end of the season the workers will stop feeding the drones and will evict (MORE)

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What does the drone bee do?

The drone bee mates with the queen. In the hot summers they may also help in the "hive ventilation" process. They are not capable in doing any others jobs.
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What does a drone bee do?

A drone (male bee) has only one purpose in life - to mate with a virgin queen, after which he dies. If he doesn't 'get lucky', he returns to the colony and then does no work a (MORE)

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