On my Lego network how do you get a drone bee?

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Beat some one and harvest a drone bee in a bee battle, rank 1. (Kiwiswat and Apralis has the module)
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How do you get a better bee on LEGO network?

You can do this with only 28 red Lego bricks! You have to be at least Rank 1 and get a hive module. Be friends with Henrietta and send her a letter with 1 Apple Pie.

How do you get better bees in my Lego network?

1. Mail Henrietta an apple pie. This costs 5 apples 2. Get the honey pie blueprint in your mail. 3. Make a honey pie. This costs you 5 apples and 1 honey pot 4. Mail Hen

How do I get a pollinated bee on ''my LEGO network?

Hi this is what you are need to do: 1) Create your worker bees. 2) Go on somebodies page who has a flower module. 3) Click the + sign underneath the flower module on that per

My Lego network how to get drone bee?

First you have to get the blueprint by playing bee battle.... Sasquatch2011 has the Bee Battle module.... 25 red bricks

How do you get a magma drone on my LEGO network?

you have to become friends with dr. inferno by getting the key to the city badge. Then you go to his page and trade 10 clippings for the magma drone plant module. After that y