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The oldest evidence of slavery dates to around 11,000 years ago. Anthropologists disovered a group of pygme remains in southern Africa that were shackled together.
As far as recorded and confirmed slavery, the origins are either in ancient Egypt or ancient Sumeria. Egyptian hieroglyphics show that they indeed enslaved other human beings. Hammurabi's code is a detailed outline on law's regarding how to treat slaves
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What is slavery?

A slave is  someone who is owned by another person. 

Why was there slavery?

there were countries in Europe (like Spain and other surrounding countries) who were exploring new lands and the last one that the europeans came across was Africa. and becaus

Where did slavery originate?

History shows that slavery began in Africa (particularly Egypt),  China, and the ancient Aztec civilization.

Why did they have slavery?

The reason why they had slavery was because they were rich and to lazy to do things them selves. And they thought why waste their riches on them, so they got very little food

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Slavery was in?

Slavery has existed in many places for thousands of years and including many different types of ethnic people. Next answer: Slavery has been practiced by many cultures of

How did slavery originate?

Slavery originated in stone age times, in those days there were no machines so all work had to be done by hand labour. Since it was sometimes difficult to find enough voluntee

Where was there no slavery?

This is a really easy one. The American Civil war (assuming you mean America), ended in 1865, where General Robert E. Lee surrendered to the Union. That was one point. The oth

What did slavery do?

I am not quite sure what you meant by that question exactly, but if you were asking what the slaves did then I will tell you. What the slaves did and do is harvest crops, get

Did saying yes ma'am and yes sir originate with slavery?

NO! It did not start with slavery! This has been n every European country lanuage for 800 years or more. Sir is an honorific address used as a courtesy title to address a m