Password for ea sports cricket 2007?

Password for ea sports cricket 2007?
the password
is 4792-1088041-9269636-4601
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How would you describe The Wing Girl Method to people who have never heard of it?

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How to hear ea sports cricket 07 commentary?

well ... i think this problem is with your audio files ... there is a file called pbp.big ... see if it of 0 kb?? if it is well that's the problem that audio file (MORE)

How do you hit six in ea sports cricket 2011?

You can hit a six by pressing"Shift" and then "S". But only try to hit it if the ball is in good line and hit accordingly to the timing.
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Is there a ea sport cricket 2009?

As far as i know there has been one planned for the PC only however there is speculation that it has been cancelled. However codemasters are making an ashes cricket game for a (MORE)