Penalty for getting caught with marijuana underage?

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When getting caught with marijuana and you are underage there are many penalties. Like being put in a foster home/care home, for youth misbehaviour. And you will have to show up at court on a specific date.
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Who gets custody in an underage pregnancy?

Answer . \nIf this refers to the unborn child the laws of the state where the child is born would apply. Generally the unmarried mother regardless of her age has full automatic custody of the child except under extraordinary circumstances. If the mother is unmarried and the father wishes to share (MORE)

What is the penalty if a pitcher gets caught licking his fingers?

the pitcher is allowed to lick his fingers only while off the entire pitching circle (all the dirt around the mound). if the pitcher is caught licking his fingers on the mound, it is considered a Balk and eith a ball is awarded to the batter (no men on base) or the runners on base are allowed to adv (MORE)

What is the penalty for underage gambling?

As such there are no such penalties for underage gambling( because legal actions can't be taken against a minor ). But yes parents might suffer because of this problem, If a minor get caught while gambling the parents will be held responsible for it and then legal actions may be taken against them (MORE)

What happens when you get caught with marijuana in your car?

If it's the police that catch you, typically you will go to jail. If it's your mom, she'll probably just yell at you. The quantity of marijuana and your cooperation with the police would make a difference in the charges filed against you.

What happens if an underage male gets an underaged female pregnant?

The differences in results are in direct relation to who does what and when. If anyone reports the matters to DHS (Department of Human Services) or CPS (Child Protective Services), and they choose to get involved, charges may be brought against the underage father or mother or both for Sex Wi (MORE)

What is is the minimum penalty for being caught for the second time with 300 pounds of marijuana in the state of Texas?

A first offence of possessing just 4 ounces to one pound is considered a felony punishable by a $10,000 fine and 2 years in jail. And may also cause supply and distribution charges to be brought. A second offence for 300 pounds is very serious and you need to get good representation immediately. If (MORE)

What happens if you are caught gambling underage?

Depending on prior experiences with the law- at worst it would be classed as Juvenile Delinquency. It is not a triable offense that might result in Jail Time or a sojourn in the Youth House- still, it is wrong. parents might be in Hot water also even though they did perform the gambling act ( a simi (MORE)

Can you lose your license in NC for getting caught with marijuana?

As far as I know, No they will not take your license. Here in NC marijuana is decriminalized. . Possession of one half ounce or less is punishable by up to 30 days in jail, most likely suspended. Possession of greater than one half ounce is punishable by 1 - 120 days in jail, with a possibility o (MORE)

What are the penalties for a minor caught steeling?

The first time you get caught you are likely to get a caution, the second time you are likely to get a final warning, the third time you arle likely to go to caught and pay court costs and maybe a fine and maybe an order where you have to meet members of the youth offending team :)

What Are the Penalties for underage Online Gambling?

As such there are no penalties the maximum that online casino can do is ban you from its site and they might keep all your winnings. Although online casinos are strict about underage online gambling if you are underage and caught by the gambling site while you were gambling then your parents might (MORE)

What is the penalty caught with drugs?

It depends how many drugs you are dealing with, what kind of drugs they are, whether their illegal and who you are selling them to but most of the time i think it's jail for at least 5 years ... i think anyway!

What do kids think of Michael Phelps after getting caught with Marijuana?

I still love him! (: However, I am a HUGE fan! Most kids understand and support him that I know. He is still amazing and really hot! U disgusting person. Michael Phelps is not hot in any way shape or form!!!!!! I am very disappointed in him!!!!!!! He was my hero and then he went on drugs. How are (MORE)

What is the penalty for cultivating marijuana in California?

5 plants or lessmisdemeanor1 year*$2,5005 to 20 plantsfelony1 - 3 years*$25,00020 to 50 plantsfelony2 - 5 years*$25,000More than 50 plantsfelony3 - 7 years$100,000*Eligible for 24 month probation with first conviction, dismissal of charges upon completion of probation.

What is the penalty for underage possession of alcohol in Tennessee?

I was charged with underage possession of alcohol in TN, and got... 1 year suspension of drivers license. 5 page essay on effects of alcohol on the brain. 24 hours community service 6 months unsupervised probation. What I got is about the norm, because of the new drug free youth act.

What is penalty for possession of marijuana in Texas?

2 oz or less*. class B misdemeanor. 180 days. $2,000. 2 to 4 oz*. class A misdemeanor. 1 year. $4,000. 4 oz to 1 lb*. state jail felony. 180 days - 2 years. $10,000. 1 to 5 lbs. state jail felony. 180 days - 2 years. $10,000. 5 to 50 lbs. felony of the third degree. 2 - 10 years. (MORE)

What are the penalties for underage drinking in Maryland?

The underage person is subject to a civil citation. They cannot bearrested unless they have commited some other offense. The citationitself results in a fine of up to $500 for a first time offense,though the amount is usually much lower. The citation does notcount as being convicted of a crime.

What is the penalty for underage tobacco use in Mn?

in the state of Minnesota it is consider to be a status offence for the minor to be in possession of any tobacco products when he/she is under the age of eighteen, that status offense will stay on the delinquents confidential records until the age of eighteen. And you can also be fined up to 200$

How much jail time getting caught with a pound of marijuana?

This depends on the state, however with that amount of marijuana, you are also looking a distribution and trafficking potentially. The possession amount is a Felony (in all states), the amount is enough to distribute for sales and you could potentially trafficking the drug If you are caught in a car (MORE)

What are the penalties for underage drinking in Arizona?

There are a few possibilities to punishments with the law in response to underage drinking. It is possible for a minor charged with minor consumption to face jail time but this is usually not the case. In most cases the minor is looking at, a year of probation, possible community service, and alcoho (MORE)

What are the penalties for being caught with opiates?

This is a rather broad question. I have in my medicine cabinet a perfectly legal pain killer that was prescribed for me, which contains codeine, which is a type of opiate. Actually, any opiate is legal if it is medically prescribed, although some are prescribed more freely than others. If you are us (MORE)

What are the penalties for possession of synthetic marijuana?

Synthetic marijuana is now treated just like any other illegal substances, however it is considered a very bad drug going in to the lists of crack, cocaine and heroin because of the severity of side effects and issues to your physical and mental health