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People express thoughts mainly by using A numbers B language C gestures D pictures?

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People express thought mainly by using language.
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Write a program in C language to evaluate a Infix expression by using a STACK?

include   #include   #include   struct stack   {   int top;   char item[100];   };   int empty(struct stack *s)   {   if (s

Is gesture and body language the same?

Gestures are an element of body language. A gesture might include something like a wave of the hand. Body language that is not gesturing includes posturing, such as the way so

How can you use gestures and body language in a sentence?

  not to be MEAN you kind of use silanguage to speak in geteures to speak body language hen theres also face expressions where you can tell how someone is by how they look

What are some gestures and other non verbal language used in Mexico?

There are several gestures that are particular to Mexico. One  example is the gesture for someone who is being cheap, which  involves a person tapping on their elbow. Anothe