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People express thoughts mainly by using A numbers B language C gestures D pictures?

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People express thought mainly by using language.
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Prime factors a number using c language?

  #include #include void main() { int n,i; clrscr(); printf("Enter a Number:"); scanf("%d",&n); printf("\\n\\nPrime Factors of %d is: ",n); for(i=2;i

Why do people use gestures when talking?

Either to express their point, get your attention, or sometimes they use gestures to give a better picture or understanding. Other times they are unconsciously aware of it.

What language is mainly used in international communication?

Spanish is the most widly spoken langauge by most countries, Chinese is most populated spoken langauge but most countries speak English or frence but the answers probally sign

Write a program in C language to evaluate a Infix expression by using a STACK?

include   #include   #include   struct stack   {   int top;   char item[100];   };   int empty(struct stack *s)   {   if (s

People express thought mainly by using?

People express thought mainly by using language.

How does language empower and limit the expression of your thought?

  Answer   Language empowers primarily because it is the medium through which you can express your thoughts to others. A command of language gives you the ability to