People express thoughts mainly by using A numbers B language C gestures D pictures?

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People express thought mainly by using language.
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How does language empower and limit the expression of your thought?

Answer . Language empowers primarily because it is the medium through which you can express your thoughts to others. A command of language gives you the ability to express

Write a program in C language to evaluate a Infix expression by using a STACK?

include #include #include struct stack { int top; char item[100]; }; int empty(struct stack *s) { if (s->top-1) return 1; else return 0; } char popandtest(struct stack *ps) {

How can you use gestures and body language in a sentence?

not to be MEAN you kind of use silanguage to speak in geteures to speak body language hen theres also face expressions where you can tell how someone is by how they look.or if