Percentage of marriages between black men and white women in the US?

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no way I am married to a black man and live in aussie
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Why do black men like white women?

It was because down through the years of racism and slavery black men were not allowed to have any contact with White women. So when they became free they went after the white

Why do white women like black men?

It is probably in part because of stereotypes about various attributes such as their athletic abilty and genital size. I'm a White girl who likes Black men and it's simply a

Why white women like black men?

I am currently taking up mid class interpretions,career advertisements,engineering and nursing appointments. i spent 3 years in college,I've been spending 9 hours after school

Do white men love black women?

Can a white man love a black woman? Yes, quite devotedly. I'm going to address this in general. Of course, there are always exceptions. Some white men preffer black women bec

Do white men date black women?

Not really, me and my white friends sort of see it as taboo and if my friend was dating a black chick i would give him SO MUCH $%&* for it and I'm not even sure why. Its not e

Why are black women attracted to white men?

Why can't they? All ethnicities have the right to love a person with a different ethnicity! Just because one is a different color from the other, they can love.

Why do black men love white women?

Love is natural and wonderful. The vast majority of people do not see skin color as a barrier to human relationships. Wouldn't it be great if we all had that attitude.
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What percentage of white men like black women?

There is no definitive percentage, however many white men find black women attractive but are often at odds with family or friends due to social stigma.
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Why do black men get white women?

There are many reasons why black men 'get' white women, such as: . The man may have a winning personality and knows how to treat a lady. . People have a basic attraction to